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January, 2009


Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Cargols & Conill i Romesco – Snails & Rabbit and Romesco sauce

In my house, a casserole dish always means healthy and comfort food. It also means slow cooking food, steamy windows, and the thing I like the most: Mom, is there anything left in the casserole? The answer should always be... Yes darling, go help yourself ...


Charcuterie | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Pork Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Saturday AM Today the wind is so strong here that the park in front of the house looks desolate, 3 trees have been uprooted, some leaves, papers and bird's nests furiously fly in the air. I should get dressed and go for the bread and newspaper ...



A glamorous Classic: Fried egg & Chips… with Foie and Truffle!

Does this dish need a description? Wouldn't you just run for the bread? Is there any other dish as popular as Fried eggs with chips? I bet every country in the world has its version. Raise your hand if ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Red Peppers Babel’s Tower

I extraneously got some inspiration from the Genesis... You all know, I'm not a religious person... but, I have read about the Babel Tower. So, when Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi announced the new Click event for this month: RED, I immediately pictured this ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | The bases

Lobsters Kitchen Outing and 3 Sauces.

Sometimes things are not as they seem!!! Pepe, Manolo and Juanito had a 8 to 10 minutes bath at the silvered jacuzzi ;D. The water was aromatized with 2 bay leaves, a small bunch of ...


Others | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

My Recipe contribution to BloggerAid CookBook: Eggplant Mousse with Butifarra negra

My friends Val, Ivy and Giz at BloggerAid are such fantastic and generous people! They are assembling a Cookbook to help ease the world's hunger!!!!In Ivy's words: we will be publishing a cookbook with 100% of the profit from sales being directed to our chosen agency. ...



I have not been abducted by an alien ship!

Finally I can get my hands on my favourite keyboard!!!! And play my favourite blogging music!!!! These are some of the dishes you will soon see in Spanish Recipes: A melting and crunchy pigglet, an eggplant mousse, some pimiento del piquillo's pinchos, the christmas cocktail......

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