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October, 2008

Panellets de Cafe


Cakes, pies & tarts | Traditional Spanish Recipes

PANELLETS: The Catalan traditional treat for these days.

Panellets are the special sweet treats we Catalans have for La Castañada. A castaña is a chestnut and these days... your Halloween time... here in Catalonia it's typical to toast chestnuts, bake sweet potatoes and also bake panellets. Remember I ...


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Gone for Lunch!


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins

Breakfast in America: Muffins… Cupcakes or simply Madalenas

♫ Take a look at my girlfriend, she is the only one I got... ♫ Take a look at my Muffins, they're the first ones I baked ♫ Supertramp is there on the left side column to take you to America! Taking the jumbo ...


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Just for Fun!!! ☺☺☺

Girls and Boys... I'm happy to introduce you to Mr. CyberPotato!!! Run to your kitchen, ask your mom or dad to help you and do your own!There's few ingredients involved and this could turn a boring rainy afternoon into a funny game!It all started when I went ...

Coca de recapte


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches

Pizza wasn’t born in Italy!!!

Special dressing today: Gerry Rafferty and his Baker Street... what a great song! Feeling melancholic? Turn player on ;D Listen carefully to this: Pizza wasn't invented by Romans!!! Well, yes, kind of... but where did they find inspiration? Here in Catalonia!!! He, he, I'm true ...


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Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launches!!!

FOODBUZZ 24 MEALS, 24 HOURS, 24 BLOGSLAUNCH!!!Do you live in another planet? If the answer is yes... ok, you might not know about the Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launch. But, if you live here in this Blue Planet... there's no excuse for you!Come ...


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Arroz Negro – Black Rice – My third and definitive try! Step by step Instructions.

Rice is my favourite ingredient ever, I love it cooked in all possible ways, I could never get tired of eating: paellas, stuffed red peppers, black rice, seafood rice, stuffed calamari, fried rice... I LOVE it! This is why I've been trying ...


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Broccoli’s Hot and Spicy Soup

Nobody has ever complained at home about eating broccoli or cauliflower or any kind of vegetable. My daughter eats all kind of veggies since she was a baby and teaching her palate has enabled her to enjoy so many dishes.Some of her school companions that ...


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Walnut Pie – My first Pie!!!

Would you call this a Pie? The catalan recipe said "Pa de pesic" which translated would be Bread of pinch. However, the ones I bought in the shop are spongy and more inflated than mine. The taste wasn't bad at all, but there's a lot ...


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3 Ingredients, 3 dishes… this is the Royal Joust!

This coming Royal Joust will be my number 9... and nine is my favourite lucky number ever! Also the predominant colours are green and orange... again, my favourites! You don't have to be Merlin to guess who is going to win this month ;DWhen Susan from ...

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