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May, 2014

Yakitori Salmon


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Yakitori Salmon

Doesn't sound like a Spanish recipe, does it? Hahahaha, well the thing is that I'm entering for the first time in the Creative Cooking Crew and the gastro theme this month is: BBQ! When I first heard, I thought… wow, I don't have a barbecue!!! But then, I ...

Cup of tea



A cup of Tea

Are you a coffee or a tea person? I am definitively a Coffee one, but… I think it's time to try a whole new world…Please hand me A cup of Tea! Starting with the names of the teas' preparation, you enter into a magic world; full of flavors, scents, stories behind… ...




Girona Temps de Flors 2014

Girona is one of the most beautiful main cities in Catalonia! It's located up in the north, on the way to France and 45 minutes away from the Mediterranean. It has delightful streets to wander, pretty little shops to sneak in, old jewish and arabian heritage… I'm in ...

Artichokes Omelet


Eggs | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Artichokes Omelet

I meant to upload this Artichokes Omelet post for some time now; nearly without noticing it's already the end of the artichokes season and this is my last chance… I guess. Maybe in coldest climates you still have artichokes in full swing… if that is the case, I strongly recommend ...

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