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My Recipe contribution to BloggerAid CookBook: Eggplant Mousse with Butifarra negra

My friends Val, Ivy and Giz at BloggerAid are such fantastic and generous people! They are assembling a Cookbook to help ease the world’s hunger!!!!In Ivy’s words: we will be publishing a cookbook with 100% of the profit from sales being directed to our chosen agency. The funds we raise will be directed to specific programs of The World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations frontline agency. The needs are great and choosing a specific effort is currently being negotiated.Who will contribute to this cookbook?

The cookbook is targeted for sale on Amazon by November/December 2009. There is a great deal of work involved in delivering this project and we will rely on you to help in any way you can. We will keep you informed every step of the way on Bloggeraid !!!!

I want to collaborate!!! Do you want to join too? Head to Ivy’s blog for more info.

I chose an appetizer with basic ingredients and easy recipe instructions. This is one of the dishes I had in my table during the Christmas holidays and it was an absolute hit!!!! I cannot publish the recipe here because it can only be shown in the Cookbook, but I will tell you that it has eggplant, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and butifarra negra… Mmmmm. Remember to buy the book next Nov/Dec 2009 and get all kinds of gorgeous recipes!!! I’m getting mine reserved ;D

All ingredients can be found all over the world except the Butifarra negra that is a traditional Catalan pork blood sausage, but you can substitute it for something similar typical from your country.

I hope that the Cookbook will be a great success and we will contribute in making this world a better place to live :D
On a separate note, I’m trying to make my blog look nicer, but will take me some days to get things right… please, be patient… it will hopefully be for good! Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva! New Year, New Life!


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01/10/2009 · 11:55 h by Peter G

Beautiful as usual Nuria! Happy New Year! Look forward to your new design!

01/10/2009 · 12:19 h by Rachel

With luscious recipes like this, who wouldn’t want the BloggerAid cookbook? Sounds very tasty, Nuria!

01/10/2009 · 12:45 h by Joan Nova

Such interesting ingredients, presented so artfully. This will be a great addition to the cookbook…and maybe my next party :)

01/10/2009 · 16:42 h by giz

Nuria – you’re absolutely “da bomb” – translated into Spanish – you’re fantastic :). I love the way this dish looks – so appealing. You’re a trooper and I’m so excited to see your entry. This is all really happening and I feel like an excited child at Christmas.

01/10/2009 · 19:17 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

This is a wonderful recipe, Nuria, and I’m so delighted that you’ll be contributing! I guess I’d better get my act together, too.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

01/10/2009 · 23:46 h by Sam Sotiropoulos

A very generous initiative! Bravo to you and val and ivy and everyone else involved! Good luck with the site re-design, can’t wait to see the new look AND the new recipes and posts! :-)

01/11/2009 · 9:22 h by Núria

Thank you Peter! I will keep my blog with blogger and same template… there will only be some minor changes. But, I love changing and moving things… Mallory was so nice to send me the header banner as a gift!!!!

Hola Rachel! I’m buying one for me for sure!!! It will also be a fantastic gift for next year’s Christmas :D

Hey Joan! Your parties are super!!! I still remember the last one you showed us!!! Wish we were neighbours :D

Thanks Giz!!! The 3 of you are also “La Bomba”… funny how expressions are the same all the way across the ocean :D

Hola Jen! I’m sure you will contribute with a fantastic recipe too! YOur heart is too big to stay quiet ;D

Thanks so much Sam! I love seeing comments like yours early in the morning to start my day right!!!!!

01/11/2009 · 11:46 h by Ivy

Here I am, always last to visit and comment. Nuria, first of all love your header and look forward to any other changes you will be making.
Chica, if we get recipes with pictures like yours, I am sure our cookbook will be a best seller!!!
Thanks Nuria for your contribution.

01/11/2009 · 18:05 h by Jeff and Valerie Carr

I’m so excited that I found a blog all about Spanish cooking! We just moved to Spain from the States and I have been looking for ways to cook meals for my family that use ingredients here!

I will definitely be back!

01/11/2009 · 21:42 h by JenniferM

Just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog last night while googling for a Spanish tongue recipe. I made the recipe you posted on October 2 for “veal tongue in its sauce.” I could tell it was going to be a good recipe just by reading it, but it turned out to be FANTASTIC! My husband and I had to restrain ourselves so there would be a few slices left over for lunch! I have been looking for ages for a good new way to do tongue; I typically do it in a cream sauce, Czech style (my dad is Czech), and while it is good, I find it a bit bland, and I’m getting tired of it. Your sauce is going to be my new standby. I did the recipe exactly as you put it down, except that I used a shallot instead of the green onion (I wasn’t sure if you meant what we call a green onion–a scallion–and a large one would be hard to come by) and I used some tinned Italian tomatoes instead of the fresh (fresh tomatoes in Canada in January are not worth eating).

One question–my sauce turned out a deep reddish brown, as you might expect with tomatoes and red wine, but yours in the photos is a pale beige. Any idea why that would be?

Anyway, I’ll definitely be making more of your recipes. Can’t wait to try the tongue vinaigrette. Thanks for such a great blog!

01/11/2009 · 22:06 h by Mallory Elise

oh wow how cool! i want to help with an original recipe too! maybe the lentil cake i made, i don’t think i saw a recipe for a lentil cake anywhere else, so it’s mine then. hehe. it’s a very beautiful idea, i will submit to them.

oh yeah what a hot banner you got up there :P but seriously if you wanted any of it tweaked or color changed, let me know!

01/12/2009 · 5:32 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks delicious! Would Morcilla work in place of the Butifarra Negra?

01/12/2009 · 8:47 h by Núria

Ivy… with comments like yours I don’t need to eat! They are the perfect feed ;D Thanks sweetie!

Welcome to Spanish Recipes Jeff and Valerie Carr! Thanks for comenting and I will love to be your “guide” here ;D. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want! The food in Spain is one of their hits!!!! Hope you enjoy it :D

Welcome to Spanish Recipes Jennifer M! And thanks for commenting and telling me you tried one of my dishes… it makes me so happy you liked it :D.
When I say green onion I mean an onion that’s recently picked; one that still has its large green leaves (my english is not as good as I wish it was). The difference in the sauce colour might be the tomatoes and the saffron. I have noticed that when tomatoes are canned their red colour is more vivid. My sauce seems to have a saffron’s stronger influence.
Maybe it’s only a question of the screen and picture colours… don’t know… but if your result was tasty and good, then you should be happy :D.
Hope to see you back!

Sweet Mallory: YOur banner is super the way it is!!!! The thing is that now I have to change all my blog design and it’s giving me a lot of work… who should I blame that for? ;D… I will blame it on the boogie… ha, ha! Love changing things.
Great you submit one of your recipes to the BloggerAid Cookbook! It will be a hit, I bet!

Hi Marc and welcome :D. Yeah, I think that morcilla would work here. Just grill it a bit or sear it in the pan with some drops of olive oil before cutting it and adding it to the mousse. It’s a good idea :D

01/12/2009 · 11:01 h by Peter M

Nuria, I love the main components of your tapas and I just hope the eggplant was charred on the grill for that unique smoky flavour it gets. OLE!

01/12/2009 · 22:56 h by Maria

Nuria your recipe looks amazing and the presentation of it is even better! How pretty that is.
I love your new banner–I always admired the previous one as well and I have always looked to your blog as inspiration … mine is still an infant and I don’t even know where to begin making changes to make it come alive. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned for Spanish Recipes!

01/13/2009 · 11:47 h by Bellini Valli

Thank you so much for your submission to the cookbook Nuria. We are so excited about this project and being able to raise awareness for all those less fortunate than ourselves. Gracias!!!

01/14/2009 · 0:00 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Val and Giz are lovely, just like you Nuria. And what a delicious entry. I am crazy about eggplant, so I’ll have to try it.

01/14/2009 · 3:47 h by Dragon

You’re a good soul for helping this cause. I’ve never tried eggplant mousse. I’m intrigued!

01/14/2009 · 17:58 h by Heather

What a beautiful dish, and a generous contribution to the BloggerAid cookbook!

We’re all doing a little early spring cleaning on our blogs, aren’t we? My work hasn’t even begun yet.

01/15/2009 · 9:10 h by Núria

Hola Peter! I think you’ll have buy the book to find out ;D

Hola Maria! YOur blog will grow and become even more beautiful… it’s just a question of feeding it ;D. Thanks for your kind words :D

Hola Valli! It’s a pleasure to collaborate in such a project. Let’s make it a Best seller!!!!!

Hola Susan! It was a delicious recipe and know where you will find it?… yes, in the BloggerAid Cookbook!

Dragon, believe if I tell you that it is an easy recipe :D. Thanks for your kind words!

Hola Heather! My work doesn’t seem to finish!!!! There’s always something more to do!

01/15/2009 · 15:22 h by Antonio Tahhan

yay! regresó Núria :)
a mi me encanta todo que tiene berenjena!! que rico!!
welcome back!

02/06/2009 · 17:58 h by janetching

Hi Nuria, what a lovely entry! The pictures are gorgeous! I have missed this post earlier, look forward to learning to make it.

02/10/2009 · 23:33 h by Cakelaw

Love this recipe Nuria. Hsve only just organised myself to prepare my own entry.

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