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November, 2008


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Coffee & Chocolate Cup with Iced Yogurt.

Let's exercise our mind a bit and those of us living in the northern hemisphere close our eyes and imagine a white sand beach, with some coconuts by the hammocks we are resting at, crystal blue waters sparkling a few meters ahead from us, a wooden ...


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Boiled or Roasted Artichokes with Shrimps and Green Sauce

Artichokes are one of my favourite vegetables, when in season, you will always find some in my fridge. I use them for my rices, in a salad, grilled, boiled, in an omelet, roasted, fried... oh, when thinly sliced and fried are amazing... I ...


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Budapest’s Central Market

Budapest's Central Market is located at the end of a pedestrian touristic street called Váci Utca. It's a beautiful walk parallel to the river, full of restaurants and souvenirs' shops.The Market's building is so impressive, lightful and not very noisy. It's divided in three levels: downstairs ...


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Some Hot Stuff ;D

When I say Hot Stuff this time, I'm not talking about soups, nor stews nor hot wine... take a look at the picture and see what I mean :D.After having goulash soup... I mutated into Eve's perfect shaped body!!!! This is one of the souvenirs I ...


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Gulyás Hungarian’s Soup and a Restaurant recommendation.

Here we are in Budapest, Hungary. The hotel is nice, the city is yet a mistery and the sky is covered with clouds. It's not winter time, but the cold cold wind cuts our skin... that's why I took a couple of wool hats, gloves and ...


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Rosquillas: A grandmother’s sweet old recipe.

Today I have no time for babbling... I'm going to the beach for the weekend and next week I'm off to Budapest, Hungary. Have you ever been in this city? Do you live there? Any advise? Any good restaurants recommendations? I love walking cities... I ...


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Time for a Meme and Awards

Is there anything better than eating some Iberian Acorn Ham?That's a difficult question... but I really do enjoy your company ☺... maybe not as much as a tapa of Iberian Acorn Ham but I'm happy I met you all♥I just got tagged by Valli from ...


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Bouillabaisse – Bullabesa. The Queen of the French Soups

Come along with me, take my hand and have a deep breath... we are by the sea, feel the breeze in your hair and that particular salty smell... today's dish is Buouillabaisse, one of the richest fish soups ever.Original from Marseille, this soup started as a ...


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Gallina en Pepitoria – Hen in Pepitoria

What was first the egg or the chicken? This tricky question always reminds me of a story my mom told me: when I was a little girl (went to kindergarden), the teacher asked me: What's the colour of white cow's milk? And, of course, I said ...


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Congratulations Mr OBAMA! A Sweet Dessert for a Sweet Victory!

Here you have a sweet dessert for you, Mr. President!This is a symbolic sweet gift for you. It had to be sweet because I guess you will go through many bitter and sour future moments. Everything in the video has a purpose, the colours, the lights and the signing... just ...

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