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March, 2014

Burguer and Photosho


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches

Deconstruction of a Burger and Photoshop tips

It surely looks deconstructed, doesn't it? Hahaha… I'm finally able to make magic with my food and get a small step closer to my food hero photographer Ryan Matthew Smith… his photography is just awesome! He is one of the main Photographers at the Modernist Cuisine; ...

Hazelnut Cookies


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins | Fruits

Hazelnut Cookies

This past weekend felt like Spring! Temperatures raised up to 25ºC and it felt great to be outside and sunbath seating in a terrace bar with a beer and some chips. We headed towards the mountains near Barcelona a gorgeous place called Montseny ( a long Gastrotour will ...

Sweet Pizza with Strawberries


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches | Fruits

Sweet Pizza with Strawberries

What about changing your morning pancakes or crepes for a sweet pizza with Strawberries? Would you like to join me and surprise your family? Faster than preparing and making the pancakes… give it a try now that strawberries are in season!...




Fine Art Igualada

From February 28th to March 16th, Igualada is the city to go to if you are a Photographer, if you'd like to become one, if you enjoy Photography… or if you feel like wandering around and watching the expositions and buying some pictures to make your walls happier. Come see ...

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