I have not been abducted by an alien ship!

Finally I can get my hands on my favourite keyboard!!!! And play my favourite blogging music!!!!

These are some of the dishes you will soon see in Spanish Recipes: A melting and crunchy pigglet, an eggplant mousse, some pimiento del piquillo’s pinchos, the christmas cocktail…

The very best Xmas soup, a lobsters kitchen outing comic, my kind of Sushi and Mar i Muntanya (Sea and Mountain).
More pinchos and the best Spanish Ham! The Tió and the kids and some gifts under the blanket :D.
Some of the reading I did these days, Fame… our choice for the New Years Eve and a wonderful Spa hidden in the woods… the perfect place to relax and get the best massages!!!!

It just felt so good being with the family and resting and reading and getting bored… I let the days slowly melt and suddenly the holidays were gone! I do hope your Xmas days have been as good as mine :D

Thank you all for being out there ♥ ♥ ♥
I will visit you all in short :D


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01/08/2009 · 11:52 h by Bellini Valli

Espero que usted tenga una Feliz Año Nuevo sana y Nuria. I see that you have been enjoying good food and good times surrounded by your family. My daughter and I enjoyed a delicious salad featuring Iberian Acorn Ham. Let me tell you my daughter asked right away if we could order some on line!!

01/08/2009 · 11:56 h by Peter G

Welcome back chica! We missed you! Glad to see you have enjoyed your break and that your batteries are recharged. look forward to hearing all about it! Again, gracias for the jamon!

01/08/2009 · 12:54 h by Núria

Dear Val, tell your daughter that I can send some over whenever she wants! Let’s talk about it :D.
I’m happy to be back with you♥

Hola Pedro! Gracias for being there :D. I did enjoy my holidays… hope you did too! Want some more ham sent to Australia?

01/08/2009 · 13:03 h by Joan Nova

Your hands may not have been on the keyboard but you sure were busy! Glad you’re back and I look forward to all those wonderful posts. Feliz ano nuevo!

01/08/2009 · 13:18 h by Peter M

Nuria! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and get back here…I’m hungry!

01/08/2009 · 13:28 h by OLGUIS

where are you from did you live in spain?

01/08/2009 · 14:30 h by Núria

Hola Joan! You bet… I was busy in the kitchen… but, it was a pleasure :D. I’ll visit you later darling!
Feliz año nuevo to you too!

Hola Chico… I’ve been missing you and your diplomacy ;D he, he, I’m back and I’ll be here with more dishes :D

Hola Olguis, I’m from Barcelona (Spain).

01/08/2009 · 15:14 h by Maryann

It looks like a great holiday Nuria! Glad you are back though. Happy New Year! xox

01/08/2009 · 15:25 h by StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

Welcome back, Nuria! I was wondering where you were off to. I’m looking forward to what you’ll be cooking up in 2009. Feliz Ano Nuevo!

01/08/2009 · 16:02 h by Ben

Hey my friend! I see you also took a long and well-deserved break. I just came back a couple of days ago and it is so nice to see my foodie friends posting what they did for Xmas, I can’t wait to read those recipes. And btw, thanks a lot for the package you sent. I arrived the day before Xmas and it made my day even brighter! The ham was gone in a matter of minutes and I am so loving the necklace. Thanks so much for it! :)

01/08/2009 · 18:38 h by Ivy

Hey, look who’s back. I am so glad you had a great time relaxing with your family. We had a great time as well all the family together. I am looking forward to reading about those delicious dishes you had prepared. Happy New Year to you and yours.

01/08/2009 · 18:49 h by Maria

Thank goodness — I was starting to think you really were abducted by aliens!
Looks and sounds like you had a beautiful holiday. I will finally be getting away from it all this weekend–our first winter weekend getaway in a while.

01/08/2009 · 19:19 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

Glad to hear you enjoyed the relaxation of the holidays and I’m looking forward to more good food from you in 2009! Happy New Year!

01/08/2009 · 20:13 h by Nathan

Welcome back Nuria looking forward to the many wonderful things to come on your blog :) glad you were able to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Jeje le estoy echando ojo al “Mar i Muntanya” it looks sooo goood, love the pictures.

01/08/2009 · 22:17 h by janetching

Nice to hear that you had nice and relaxing break! look forward to your 2009 recipes : )

01/09/2009 · 2:27 h by elly

Looking forward to some posts from you! Happy New Year!

01/09/2009 · 15:33 h by Núria

Hi Maryann! Thanks darling! Happy New Year to you too!

Feliz Año Nuevo to you Susan! I’ll be visiting your “kitchen” soon to see what you’ve got for us :D

Hola Ben! Nice to see your face!!! So happy you enjoyed the Ham and the necklace. Have to see that recipe for Roscón de Reyes ;D

Happy New YEar Ivy! Yeah, back to stay… until Easter… at least!

Hola Maria! Getting away from routine is fantastic! Hope you enjoy your free time a lot! Happy New Year darling.

Happy New Year Js!

Hola Nathan! Mar i Muntanya won’t deceive you, chico! Will soon be in your screen ;D

Hola Janet! Got my sleeves rolled up!!! I bet you do too ;D

Hola Elly! Happy New Year darling! Have to visit your blog and see what’s cooking in your kitchen lately :D.

01/09/2009 · 17:26 h by Mallory Elise

oh youre back, some people have the longest breaks!!

hmmm, are those lobsters walking on the counter top!? i wish i had lobster for christmas! hmm, well happy new year!!

01/10/2009 · 0:44 h by Dragon

I can’t wait to see all these delicious posts! Happy New Year, my friend. :)

01/10/2009 · 5:16 h by Sam Sotiropoulos

Nuria, looking forward to seeing some of those tasty looking dishes in the New Year! BTW, I have added a link to your blog in my “Blogs to Read” column on my blog. :-)

01/10/2009 · 8:57 h by Núria

Happy New Year Mallory!!!!

Hola Sam. Recipes are comming soon and thanks so much for linking me in your blog! I’ll do the same for you immediately :D

01/11/2009 · 3:03 h by We Are Never Full

hey nuria! sorry a few days late. we’re both having a hard time adjusting to work life after the long holiday!

i hope you had a fabulous holiday season and we so look forward to seeing what’s ahead in 2009. maybe we finally get to meet you in person???? you never know?!

happy new year and these dishes – esp. the pigglet…. whoa, girl – will keep us coming back!!

amy and jonny

01/12/2009 · 5:34 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

These look delicious. I can’t wait to see how you made them!

01/12/2009 · 8:51 h by Núria

Happy New Year Dragon :D

Amy and Jonny, Happy New year Guys! Aaaah that pigglet will leave you breathless ;D!!! Comming real soon.
I still don’t have my timing routine and I’m also being late everywhere… so no problem… I understand!

Hola Marc! Soon showing in all your screens!!!!! ;D

01/12/2009 · 19:21 h by Familia

Feliz anho nuevo, Nuria! I love the new header, btw.

04/03/2009 · 8:18 h by Rumela

Wow! Thanks for the lobsters recipe. its looks great.Last summer I ate them at a party and has been looking for an authentic recipe ever since. Now I will able to make them myself. Thanks again.

04/03/2009 · 9:29 h by Núria

You are welcome Rumela! Lobsters are such an exquisite meal!!!
Thanks for visiting and comenting :D

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