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Time for Fiesta, for fun, for great and delicious Meals... CARNIVAL is here!!! This Year it will last until february 6th and till that day we will fool ourselves and go to parties, get our costumes on and eat and drink and sing and dance like ...




THIS COULD BE YOUR MENU TODAY!Seafood SkewersDuck's breast dressed in nuts and herbsVanilla and Chocolate CupWant to participate?Click here!Until June 27th ...


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Fabes con Almejas – Food Event

This recipe is original from Asturias, a wonderful region here in the north of Spain, and I really mean Full of Wonder! Because their meals are exceptional, their landscapes are breathtaking, and their milk and cows are the best! Not to mention its Cider... ...


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Empanadillas – Puff Pastry Event

Special dressing: Rod Steward (turn player on) Sailing through different textures, flavours and recipes...First of all I must say that this has been my first time performing Empanadillas, and I'm quite pleased with the result! I followed a recipe from Simone Ortega and I had ...


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Season Veggies with 3 Sauces

Special dressing: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzeral (such great people, such great singers) Get yourself to heaven!!! (turn player on)If these veggies were an actor they'd be Brad Pitt, if they were an Island they'd be Seychelles, if they were a trip they'd be one to ...

Fideus Cassola


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Noodles Casserole

This is Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, the comic from Bill Watterson. I'm sure you all know him! For those of you who don't please go to the first book store you find and buy one of its Comics collection... He is one of the ...


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Chicken Legs coated in Hazelnuts, Herbs and Bacon

This is our beloved doggy! She is a very inteligent and beautiful poodle. Since we bought it as a gift to our dauther the summer of the 2004, she has filled our life with humour, love, friendship... and I could go on and on. For ...


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Pork Cheeks with White Beans – Food Event

Special dressing: Joan Baez (I adore her voice) A tribute to my grandmother.Here in Spain it's said that we don't throw anything away from the pork. And it's so true! Here you have a dish made out of its cheeks. This meat can be the ...


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I’ve been apopted by a Veteran FoodieBlogger!!!

Special dressing: Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Steward (turn player on)Hi everyone! Just before Christmas I joined the Adopt a Blogger program. For those of you who don't know about it, I will say that is one of the most wonderful ideas I've seen ...


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Cargol treu Banya – Snail show me your Horns

These are the snails we ate at my moms' birthday lunch party last January 14th. All our family LOVES Snails cooked any way! This recipe is soo easy that if you like snails, please have no doubt go ahead and cook it!Snails have a small ...

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