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December, 2015

Estany de Banyoles



Ca LArpa in Banyoles

Going for a weekend scape outside the city will always be a blast if you combine it with other factors such as: good company, a beautiful environment, great climate, wild scenery, comforting hotel services... That's why we chose Ca LArpa in Banyoles lake. It's a small Hotel ...

Pigeon a la Royale


Meat & poultry

Pigeon à la Royale

There's some recipes that come from way back in history, belong to other centuries, belong to other countries... that is what happens with Pigeon à la Royale! First of all, it's one of those plates that a king would have on his table, right? A French king? Yes, that would ...




Food Photography

Another way to understand and see Food Photography! This is my self portrait collection: Organic. I emulate the sun and the earth. I am source of energy and I am the soil that nourishes the food. Food Photography seems to ...

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