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3 Ingredients, 3 dishes… this is the Royal Joust!

This coming Royal Joust will be my number 9… and nine is my favourite lucky number ever! Also the predominant colours are green and orange… again, my favourites! You don’t have to be Merlin to guess who is going to win this month ;D

When Susan from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy and Chewy chose the new ingredients for this month’s Joust, I had absolutely no idea on how I could combine them! See what she thought of: acorn squash or local pumpkin, orange and sage. This would be my first time using sage and pumpkin.

But browsing through some food magazines and books, inspiration came! This is why I love this Event, it has me thinking all the time until I “see” the dish in my head.

I wanted to do something really special. My purpose was to perform not only one dish but three, playing with the ingredients’ relevance. Since now I’m alone for lunch time, and here in Spain, lunch is an important part of the day, I cooked the dishes in small portions… just for me… tapas size :D

Let me introduce you:
Pumpkin and orange aromatized Cous cous, with pumpkin chips. Get the recipe here.

Bicoloured Puree with caramelized orange. Get the recipe here.
And Autumn Salad. Get the recipe here.
I consider self-criticism a healthy habit so here is my opinion on my dishes :D

The Cous cous turned out to be great, maybe lacked a bit of salt, but that was it. Concerning the chips, it seems that pumpkin absorbs oil a lot, so frying them wasn’t a good idea (… since this was my first time using pumpkin…). Next time I will roast it. Aromatizing the cous cous with the fresh orange juice was daring but nice.

The Bicoloured puree was superb! But I would have added some Iberian acorn ham on top if I had… that would have been glorious! The sage aromatized olive oil used for the cooking of the pumpkin gave such a genial touch to the puree… really nice!!!

The Autumn Salad tasted great with the orange vinaigrette and the salty pumpkin seeds: different textures, different colours and different flavours… mmmmm.

The Royal Foodie Joust is one of the events I like the most! If you still haven’t heard about it… which I doubt… please take a look at some of the former winners and their winning dishes, the Joust’s knights and ladies! High level cuisine!!!

Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy with her Creamy Gorgonzola, Fennel & Pear Tart

Peter of Souvlaki for the Soul, with his Halvas

Kittie of Kittens in the Kitchen! with her dish Seafood, Sesame and Cilantro – A Trilogy!

Peter of Kalofagas with his entry of Apricot and Pistachio Cake

Valli of More Than Burnt Toast with her Citrus Spice-Rubbed Baby Backs Ribs.

Heather of Gild the Voodoolily with her Lentil Fritters with Venison Chorizo, Eggplant Sofrito and Cinnamon Aioli

Dharm from Dad~Baker & Chef with his dish: Chicken Pilaf with Pomegranate, Mint and Pistachio

Emiline of Sugar Plum with her Chocolate-Chipotle Bizcochitos

Ley from Cilantro & Lime with her entry of Mushroom Paneer.

Enjoy the recipes and hope to see you in the nest Royal Joust!!!


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10/14/2008 · 18:53 h by Ivy

Nuria, it seems that just you and me are left to win the Joust, but I will leave it for you. I hope I will be able to vote this time. Your photos are becoming very beautiful every time.

10/14/2008 · 19:01 h by Núria

Ivy, you are too sweet :D. Thanks darling but I don’t accept it. If your dish is better… you win, that’s how it is ;D
I enjoy photographing food a lot :D

10/14/2008 · 23:27 h by Psychgrad

Great job on your three dishes! Beautiful colours.

10/15/2008 · 0:48 h by Peter G

Hola! Yes I hope you win this time with your selection of beautiful tapas dishes. Love the cous cous and especially the sopa. It’s like a work of art.

10/15/2008 · 1:16 h by glamah16

Beautiful uses Nuria.

10/15/2008 · 1:18 h by Bellini Valli

You have outdone yoursel this time around Nuria. What beautiful dishes for the Joust. It was interesting to see our names in a line up of past winners…pretty cool:D I’d like to share my apron wioth you:D

10/15/2008 · 1:26 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Nuria, these are so creative! I love acorn squash…

10/15/2008 · 4:02 h by bren@flanboyanteats

ay que rico!! wow. i love love pumpkin and anything yellow/orange for fall! El pure will make it to my stove! :)

10/15/2008 · 7:15 h by Meeta

what a feast nuria! this looks great especially the puree with the caramelized oranges!

10/15/2008 · 9:07 h by Núria

Thanks so much Psychgrad :D

Thanks Peter :D. If I win this time you will hear me shouting from Australia ;D

Thanks Courtney!

I take your word Val! Whenever we meet… we’ll share aprons ;D

Thanks so much Jen :D

Hola Bren! El puré estaba especialmente delicioso ;D

Thanks Meeta! My kitchen is open for you… and my table too ;D

10/15/2008 · 10:54 h by Peter M

It looks like you’re eating very well for yourself…now I must come & keep you company!

Good luck in the Joust and thanking for linking to me too.

10/15/2008 · 11:55 h by Rachel

Pumpkin Chips sound great! Bravo! (Brava?)

10/15/2008 · 13:15 h by Anastasia

now I can not read what you’ve written, but I have already recorded your blog, but I know it’s a good blog, :-) besides my English is terrible. I read with a dictionary in the hands :-)


10/15/2008 · 13:59 h by kittie

Nuria, your photographs are as amazing as always – and I’d never have guessed you’d never cooked with 2 of the ingredients before!!

Great job!

10/15/2008 · 14:27 h by Ben

Querida, your dishes sound amazing! I love them all, but especially that bi-color soup. Very nice and creative. I know who is winning this month ;)

10/15/2008 · 14:51 h by StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

Wow! Three dishes! You did a fantastic job with them. They all look very creative and beautiful! I’ve got my eye on that cous cous for sure.

10/15/2008 · 15:22 h by Sangeeth

wow! you have a great blog! a lot of new collections of recipe. I am new to spanish recipes…loved the bicoloured puree..thats really creative.Good luck for the contest!

10/15/2008 · 15:26 h by Heather

Núria! This trio of dishes is simply beautiful! A feast for the eyes, and a dream for the mouth. The best of luck to you in the Joust. This is your turn!

10/15/2008 · 17:55 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Great entry Nuria!!! Love how you used the 3 ingredients!

10/16/2008 · 8:45 h by FoodJunkie

That’s A LOT OF COOKING! But they look yummy, so good luck.

10/16/2008 · 14:38 h by RecipeGirl

What terrific choices. They are all so pretty too!

10/16/2008 · 22:53 h by Darius T. Williams

Did you say pumpkin chips? Hmmm – wow!


10/17/2008 · 13:19 h by Núria

My house door and fridge door are always open for you querido Peter!

Hola Rachel! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. In Spanish we would say Bravo… Thanks!

Hola Anastasia… I love that name! Are you managing a lamps site? That’s what I get when click back in your name.
Thanks for your nice words and Welcome!

Thanks a lot Kittie. Completely true… first time with sage and pumpkin :D

Oh, Ben… I would love to! But your face is also missing in the ranking!!! What is this knight waiting for ;D?

Thanks a lot Susan! It wasn’t that hard after all :D

Thanks a lot Heather :D. Keep my fingers crossed!!!

Thanks sweet Judy!

Hola Johanna! It’s only one morning in the kitchen :D

Thanks Recipe Girl! I love playing with the colours :D

Hola Darius! Yes, but in my opinion, they were a bit too oily.

10/17/2008 · 18:14 h by Hillary

That soup is very colorful and very fall!

10/18/2008 · 0:41 h by Wicked Good Dinner

These look amazing!!

10/18/2008 · 9:03 h by Núria

Glad you like it Hillary! Thanks :D

Thank you wicked good dinner :D

10/18/2008 · 20:57 h by We Are Never Full

i’m IMPRESSED! three dishes, nuria!? you’re amazing. yet again, i wish you luck on a win!

10/19/2008 · 5:33 h by noobcook

fantastic tri-creation. The colours are awesome! ^o^

10/29/2008 · 4:48 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

Fantastic trio! Wonderful and great entry!

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