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Gone for Lunch!


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10/29/2008 · 12:57 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

Que descansas bien. I’m curious about panellets!

10/29/2008 · 13:39 h by Bellini Valli

I’ll look forward to them Nuria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/29/2008 · 14:41 h by Ivy

Take a long rest Nuria and I am in your footsteps. I need a break as well.

10/29/2008 · 15:07 h by Mallory Elise


did you use paint for that? you must be introduced to adobe photoshop.

10/29/2008 · 15:24 h by Ben

We’ll be here waiting for you my good friend. Take your time ;)

10/29/2008 · 18:13 h by Núria

Thank you all! I just got plugged for 5 minutes and gone to the kitchen again… I’m serious about it.
I did it with Photoshop Mallory :D

I know you will all love Panellets!

10/30/2008 · 0:15 h by Peter G

Enjoy the break…see you soon!

10/30/2008 · 1:50 h by Darius T. Williams

Totally understandable – take all the time u need!


10/30/2008 · 11:48 h by giz

It must be the time of year – we’re all just wanting to have a rest.

10/30/2008 · 18:08 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I think many are resting right now. Enjoy and I can’t wait for you return!

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