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Les Arbousiers, Sabres. France

DAY 3.- After the wonderful lunch at the Mugaritz, we drive towards France and accept our destiny - our car's GPS always tells us that we must accept our destiny before we start driving and it sounds so mystic we always make a laugh about it - yes... we ...




DAY 2.- Mugaritz is THE RESTAURANT! Nothing is what you think it will be... it's different, original, surprising, charming, funny, unique, delicious... excellent! According to Restaurant Magazine is the 3rd best restaurant in the World, and from my humble point of ...



Alkiza, Basque country. Spain

DAY 1.- Here in this Basque village is where our journey begins... In search for the perfect meal, as Anthony Bourdain might say, but not only that... we are looking for the perfect day... and that would include: best environment, best food, best company, best hotel/stay. This is the view from one ...



Stuffed Eggs with Crab and Avocado

I've been having this Crab's can in my fridge since Christmas. Today I deeply cleaned the fridge and found the can back there asking for a role in my next dish... so, why not? I also have these cute egg recipients that I still haven't used and I need something light ...



CocinerosPlus… the new Google+ space for cooks!

Good Summer day to everybody! Today, I want to share with you all about the CocinerosPlus event that I attended to last Friday in Madrid. Google+ launched its particular gastronomical community space and some of the most relevant bloggers, cooks, food ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Raw Salmon Salad with an Asian touch

Raw food is fashionable. Raw food is easy to "cook" and prepare. Raw food is supposed to be healthier. Raw food takes full advantage of all ingredient's benefits. Are you in the mood for a Salad? Raw salmon and avocados and green onions combine ...


Eggs | Others | Rice & pasta

Sushi Temaki

Those of you familiar with this blog, already know about my passion for Japanese gastronomy. I simply love it; every recipe, dish, preparation is a work of art. It's about flavours, textures, colours... I do admire the simplicity/complexity and the beauty they achieve in every single dish! Pictures are a must....



Norma, Núria and Barcelona

Like Vicky, Cristina y Barcelona... but without Woody Allen... my dear blogger friend Norma from Platanos, Mangoes and Me, flew from N.Y. to Barcelona and we met in person for the first time on May 15th. We connected immediately and we had ...


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches | Fruits

Mini Banana and Nutella Bites in Tempura

Those of you with kids at home, now have the perfect excuse to prepare these delicious bites; and those of you without kids, go for the search of one or two... nephews, grand kids, neighbours, they are all welcome ... just go and fetch some shorties to have a good ...


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

One of the days I enjoy the most is Sant Jordi, April 23rd. Here in Catalonia is a big Feast and if the weather is right, thousands of human beings stroll up and down the Barcelona's Ramblas like Serengeti wildebeest; males looking for roses and females in the search of ...

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