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Mini Banana and Nutella Bites in Tempura

Those of you with kids at home, now have the perfect excuse to prepare these delicious bites; and those of you without kids, go for the search of one or two… nephews, grand kids, neighbours, they are all welcome … just go and fetch some shorties to have a good reason for this dessert’s elaboration. If you do so, then you will probably have the chance to sneak one or two when nobody is looking!
Here in Spain, kids usually have a sandwich or some cookies or a piece of fruit in the middle of the afternoon (for us, that would be between 17:00 and 18:30). We call it merienda. It helps them to get through the rest of the day until dinner is served (normally between 21:00 and 22.00).

I don’t have kids at home any more, but my daughter (she’s 15) loves these treats… and so do I!!!! Ingredients are simple and handy… Cereals’ sandwich bread, nutella, banana and hazelnuts… Fry in a tempura, and there you are!
5 reasons why you should cook these delicious bites (even if you are over 12):
  1. Because you will love them for sure.
  2. Because you deserve it.
  3. Because you want to learn the recipe to prepare them for your grandkids when they come over to visit.
  4. Because chocolate and hazelnuts in small amounts are good for your body.
  5. And because you don’t need any reason to do what you feel like cooking!


Ingredients for a kids' party: a sandwich cereals' bread pack, a nutella jar, 3 or 4 bananas and 100 grs of toasted hazelnuts. For the tempura: 2 egg yolks, half a liter of sparkling water and 250 grs of tempura sifted flour and sunflower oil to fry it.

  • Prepare the sandwiches: spread the nutella on top of the bread, peel and cut the banana and slice the thinner you can. Place over the nutella. Cover with another sandwich bread. Use a round mold to get four pieces of each sandwich.
  • Prepare a tempura with the ingredients above: beat the egg yolks and add the water and the sifted flour and mix. Heat the oil in a pot. Place the sandwich bites in the tempura and fry until they golden up. Leave them on kitchen paper until they dry a bit.
  • Smash the hazelnuts in a mortar and place on top of each bite.
  • Enjoy it :D.


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05/20/2012 · 16:01 h by Ivy

At last, I see that there are other people who have dinner as late as us Greeks. I find it very weird to have dinner at 6 or 7 p.m. when traveling abroad. These look very tempting even for us grown ups.
I don’t know if you read about the lawsuit against Nutella for using hydrogenated palm oil which makes it very unhealthy.
In Greece we have a similar hazelnut chocolate spread called Merenda which I used it last week to make Banana Bread and my children love it and eat it every day. The label says they use vegetable oil but I am still worried because it is rather vague.

05/22/2012 · 12:59 h by Núria

I guess we are hot blooded Mediterranean people ;D. I didn’t know about Nutella (not nice at all). Here we also have our own brand called Nocilla and in fact, that’s the brand I use normally, but wanted to try with nutella because it seems to have more hazelnuts. I will look their labels from now on.
However, I don’t think you should be worried, they probably don’t eat a good bunch every day.

05/28/2012 · 13:11 h by bellini

I am definitely over 12 but I know I would enjoy these treats. Here in Canada I think the habit of eating early started because of the cold winter months when I am sure you wanted to be in bed and warm under the covers early…wink

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