Meat & poultry | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Croquetas de Pollo con cúrcuma – Chicken croquettes with turmeric

Croquettes are the kids' favourites in every single Spanish house and I bet they are grown ups' too! It's such a delicious simple bite. Have them hot or cold or as a tapa with a glass of wine... any time and any way is good for Croquetas. These ones have a ...


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins

Chocolate Cupcakes

And you may wonder, what does this cupcake to do with Spanish Cuisine? Well, it happens to be that Jordi Roca from El Celler de Can Roca, second best restaurant in the world according to I don't know which guide/list and with 3 Michelin Stars, published some time ...


Eggs | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Juicy Bean and Blood Sausage Omelet

Like a gastro-Menhir, this juicy omelet stands on the plate waiting for your bite. Five delicious ingredients make an unusual combination but, trust me, so delicious! We've got the eggs; of course, the onions, the white kidney beans, the blood sausage and the spinach... dare to try it! Have it ...


Cakes, pies & tarts

Chocolate Cake with hazelnuts

The baking fever goes on and on... I tried this classic yogurt cake with the perfect outfit: Chocolate! I changed a few things from the original recipe to improve the cake... and voila, it was soooo good!!! I succeeded! We had a small piece each after lunch and it was ...


Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Tapas Pinchos and montaditos

And finally Spring is here!!! Let's celebrate, and have some Tapas Pinchos and montaditos con cerveza in a sunny street bar's terrace, watching the people walk by, the dogs sniffing the trees and their owners pulling them in a hurry, pigeons trying to eat the small crumbs that fall on ...


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins

Peanut butter Cookies with Chocolate

Sure we have wonderful products here such as Olive oil, Rioja wine, Piquillo peppers... and so many others, but I have recently discovered Peanut butter and I must confess I am totally devoted to its delicious flavour and aroma! My daughter and I are starting our "spring diet" which is nothing ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Monkfish in green sauce and Clams

Tuesday 13th is supposed to be a bad day here, bad luck might be striking you... or that is what some superstitious people think. Other countries believe that bad luck comes always on Friday 13th. I will not defend neither Tuesdays nor Fridays... I'm not superstitious. 2 months ago, my daughter ...



Strawberries and Chocolate

What a couple!!! They match so well :D. Chocolate and strawberries... Mmmmm. It smells like Spring, there's wonderful local strawberries in the market place and I need some tryptophan in my system :D. The easiest of the easiest... get a fondue with chocolate and dip the red fruits inside. If you ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Calçots in Tempura

These are our famous sweet early onions called Calçots that we eat dipped in salsa romesco after they are cooked on the grill in special outdoor grills. If the weekend is sunny and you have a piece of land where you can set a grill, then get some ...


Others | Rice & pasta

Sushi upside down: Uramaki

Have you tried to do this sushi upside down? It's called Uramaki and it's harder to roll than futomaki because the nori algae is not wrapping the rice here. Uramakis show the rice grains on their surface and are coated in fish roe or sesame seeds. It was hard ...

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