Alkiza, Basque country. Spain

DAY 1.-

Here in this Basque village is where our journey begins… In search for the perfect meal, as Anthony Bourdain might say, but not only that… we are looking for the perfect day… and that would include: best environment, best food, best company, best hotel/stay.

This is the view from one of the hills surrounding Alkiza. It’s like being in a fairy tale! Do you remember that old movie: Brigadoon? Where Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse danced during that magical day? Well, if any one is interested in a beautiful location for a remake… go to Alkiza ;D.

One of the best reasons for visiting the Basque country is the food, they have the best fish, the best meat and the best veggies, if you want your holidays to be complete… ask for a Menestra de verduras, for example.

This is the house, Caserío Letewe stayed at for one night. The house is listed as historical heritage and walking through the rooms is like getting back to the past!

One of our cheap vices is: walking. We love walking through the fields and hills in a quick tempo. We might do 6 to 7 kilometres in one hour, always depending on the pavement and the gradient of the paths.

You never know how much funnier the next picture is going to be ;D. Those two doggies were adorable, running and barking along the wall until they thought we were not dangerous anymore.

The Basque country is one of the most precious lands I have ever visited!
If you plan to spend a night or more in Alkiza, visit and let your eyes and stomach  have fun! Axun will be the perfect host for you :D.

ITINERARY: Barcelona – Alkiza

Ver Indicaciones de ruta en coche para Alkiza, España en un mapa más grande

All pictures have been taken with my Iphone using HIPSTAMATIC; John S Lens, Ina’s 1982 film and flash off.


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08/12/2012 · 22:12 h by Joan Nova

Love the photos. I’m so excited for this series and hope to learn something about this region of Spain which is high on my travel list. Please keep posting and have a great time!

09/17/2012 · 11:47 h by

I have been away visiting the family and missed your posts.

WHat beautiful pictures and can’t wait to see and read about your experiences. Saludos!

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