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Some Hot Stuff ;D

When I say Hot Stuff this time, I’m not talking about soups, nor stews nor hot wine… take a look at the picture and see what I mean :D.

After having goulash soup… I mutated into Eve’s perfect shaped body!!!! This is one of the souvenirs I found at the Central Budapest’s Market.

A gorgeous and beautiful Market… full of gooses, ducks, chickens; full of spices and hot little red peppers; full of coloured preserved fruit and vegetables; and huge alive river fishes captured in water tanks!

But, my life needs some order and I have to tidy up my clothes and suitcases and papers and…. my husband took away with him all my pictures…. aaaahhhhhsgghhhghghh!

So this will be a short post and tomorrow you will get a full dive into Budapest’s beautiful Central Market!

See you all tomorrow :D


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11/24/2008 · 11:29 h by Peter G

Nuria! That’s so funny!… can’t wait to see and hear about your time in Budapest.

11/24/2008 · 14:13 h by Peter M

LOL…welcome Senora Espana…no need for the bikini competition here!

I await your report from the land of the Magyars!a

11/24/2008 · 15:41 h by glamah16

Naughty girl! That apron is hillarious.

11/24/2008 · 15:58 h by Psychgrad

Welcome back Nuria! Can’t wait to hear more about the market. Cute apron.

11/24/2008 · 16:05 h by Núria

Hola Peter G.! Aaaahhhh nothing feels better than being back home, but I must admitt I had a great time in Budapest :D

Hola Peter M.! Good idea!!! I think I will put this on during the summer instead of the bikini… ha, ha, ha.

Don’t you like it Courtney? There were many of them…. hulk, wonder woman, Addam, girls and boys in great underwear…

Hola Psychgrad :D. What… don’t you believe it’s the result of eating the goulash soup? ;D

11/24/2008 · 16:44 h by Orce Serrano Hams

Had to look twice there for a moment! looking forward to the next post, love markets..

11/24/2008 · 18:51 h by _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver


11/24/2008 · 19:20 h by Ivy

Nuria, I was shocked for a moment. That really is hilarious. I want one as well!!!

11/24/2008 · 19:42 h by Núria

Hola Orce, ts and Ivy! I should have bought a dozen!!!! You will see tomorrow the fantastic spread they had :D

11/24/2008 · 21:29 h by Laurie Constantino

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny! And definitely hot!!

11/24/2008 · 21:55 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Oh, Nuria, that apron is hysterical! What fun! I can’t wait to read your Budapest posts. I’m way behind on reading…

11/25/2008 · 3:23 h by Mallory Elise

oh la la, hey that’s what i wear in the kitchen! oh wait–that’s an apron. hehe. i knew it was you who stole that apple!!!!! that was for the tart!

11/25/2008 · 4:15 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js


11/25/2008 · 5:39 h by Heather

Wow, that apron fooled me for a second! I thought, “well, it’s Europe, who knows…” :D

Glad you had a nice trip. :)

11/25/2008 · 5:46 h by Emily


11/25/2008 · 8:32 h by Núria

Thanks everybody :D. I knew you would like it ;D. Now, I do remember to put my apron on ;D

11/25/2008 · 12:09 h by FoodJunkie

These aprons are really funny. I had bought onefor my friends which was a woman wearing garteres! Budabest must be really awasome.

11/25/2008 · 22:11 h by Nathan

Hahahaha my virgin eyes nooooo! Hahaha just kidding, funny apron, I had to look twice to make sure haha.

11/27/2008 · 4:02 h by Ning

I love the apron!!! I want one, too!!! :)

11/29/2008 · 18:08 h by We Are Never Full

it’s official – you’re nuts!

and SO funny… we saw something similar in rome but it was for men and, of course, i wore it.

12/19/2008 · 19:33 h by Dwiana P

Hello there,
stumbling upon your blog here. I though that is the hottest apron I ever saw! very cool and funny:)

12/20/2008 · 10:27 h by Núria

Thanks Dwiana :D. Welcome to Spanish Recipes, hope you enjoy what you see ;D

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