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Budapest’s Central Market

Budapest’s Central Market is located at the end of a pedestrian touristic street called Váci Utca. It’s a beautiful walk parallel to the river, full of restaurants and souvenirs’ shops.

The Market’s building is so impressive, lightful and not very noisy. It’s divided in three levels: downstairs you will find fish and preserved fruits and veggies. Street level is for the meat, spices and fresh fruit and veggies. And upstairs is a wonderful collection of traditional ceramics and embroidery, all kind of tourists’ souvenirs and chessboards.
Come with me and take a look at the downstairs floor. See those huge fishes? They are alive and come from the Danube… they scared me a bit and seemed to ask for help when they got close to the glass and opened and closed their mouth and whispered: S.O.S.!!!
They can be even bigger… look at these others!
And now watch these jars! Ain’t these the most beautiful collection of preserved fruits and veggies you’ve ever seen? So colorful and vibrant! I love them♥.
See that old balance in the background? I have a close up but it had to be a quick one… the shopkeeper didn’t want me to photograph the shop!
Now, here is the most famous product in the market: Goose!!! There’s a lot of goose shops with fresh gooses, gooses by pieces, fresh livers, foie… heaven for those who enjoy this wonderful animal.
I wish I had a small “branch office” of this shop near my house ;D.

I bought one of the 2600 Forint can and I was happy to see that the same can was double prized in one of the souvenir’s shops I stepped into during our visit. I hate it when it’s the other way around!

Spices, paprika, hanging red peppers, garlics… these ingredients are so important in the Hungarian cuisine. Can’t wait to perform some of their dishes. I will adapt them a bit… their taste for hot and spicy food is not shared by my family :D

I would have bought it all!!! Problems with the Goulash recipe? Find your solution here! Now let’s go upstairs and take a look at the aprons… I had a hard time to decide ;D
Which one would you choose? The sexy maid? Incredible Hulk? Take your time ;D This one on the left doesn’t look bad at all, does it?
I hope you enjoyed the tour :D. Bye bye Budapest Market. ¡Hasta la próxima! There will be more posts about the city soon. But next one will be a recipe… a very easy dish with seasonal artichokes, shrimps and the best sauce… I “want” to see you all back here ;D.



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11/25/2008 · 11:45 h by Peter G

What a great little tour Nuria! Can’t wait for the next installment.

11/25/2008 · 13:02 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

Great market…it’s such fun visiting them wherever you travel but you have one of the best in your own backyard. The Boqueria is great!

11/25/2008 · 14:26 h by maybelle's mom

What a great tour though I kept going back to that picture of the jars of beets with horseradish (I assume) on that counter of that stand.

11/25/2008 · 16:03 h by Maria

How beautiful … felt like I was there (I wish I was actually)!

11/25/2008 · 16:56 h by Bellini Valli

Hola Nuria. I just loved the aprons. They started my day off with a smile:D The market is like a heaven for foodies…but you can take some of it home with you. I am breaking one of the commandments and coveting the brightly coloured jars too!!!!!!

11/25/2008 · 18:15 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Sooooo… fascinating! I really know next to nothing about life in Hungary. It was great to see this.

11/25/2008 · 18:57 h by Núria

So glad you like it Peter!

I know, Joan! But I love to see the differences, it’s fun! :D

Hola Maybelle’s mom. Yes, that particular spot was sooooo beautiful, plenty of colours :D

Hola Maria. Thanks darling, so glad you enjoyed it.

Hola Val! It makes me feel great to put a smile on your face :D.

HOla Jen, I didn’t know nothing before the trip too :D It’s worth to visit!

11/25/2008 · 20:12 h by Peter M

You are triggering fond memories of my stay in Budapest.

I look forward to seeing your Spanish touch on Hungarian dishes…any more singing?

11/25/2008 · 21:05 h by Ivy

I love wondering in markets and that shop has so many things I would like to buy. I love all those spices.

11/25/2008 · 21:58 h by glamah16

My next visit to BudapeastI have to go there. I didnt know about this market back then. Was more focused on other pursuits I guess. I love that city!

11/25/2008 · 22:20 h by Laurie Constantino

Going to markets like that is my idea of a good time – it’s so different than what I have access to here. So Ms. Nuria, what did you buy?? (Besides the beauteous apron, of course!)

11/26/2008 · 0:41 h by Darius T. Williams

Now this is a great place to go shop – this makes me really excited!


11/27/2008 · 4:07 h by Ning

I love gawking at people’s markets. It gives us an idea of their food preference and culture; plus other exciting possibilities. Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)

11/27/2008 · 4:10 h by Ning

By the way, I love what I’m seeing in our blog, so I’m following you… :)

11/27/2008 · 8:34 h by Núria

Hola dear Peter! My voice went off after that goulash soup!!!!! He, he, no more signing until Christmas :D

Hola Ivy, I love seeing those shops too, but I don’t use spices that often… wouldn’t know what to buy!

Hola Courtney! I couldn’t visit the baths you recommended… maybe there’s a next time for both of us and we meet in the pool ;D

Hola Laurie! I bought some foie and also red sweet paprika, but I would have bought it all… the thing is that my suitcase couldn’t carry more weight :(

Hola Darius! Happy ThanksGiving! Markets in general are the best place in the city to feel its pulse ;D

Hola Ning and welcome to Spanish Recipes! Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!!! I’m happy you like what you see. I’m going to take a look at your blog too :D

11/27/2008 · 22:18 h by janetching

Hi Nuria, thank you for such a nice tour. I hope to pay a visit to Budepest in the near future. Amazing to see the goose shop.

11/28/2008 · 5:02 h by Psychgrad

Very nice pictures. Now I want to go back to Budapest. I was backpacking at the time and couldn’t bring much home with me. I only managed to get a few packages of paprika.

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