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Congratulations Mr OBAMA! A Sweet Dessert for a Sweet Victory!

Here you have a sweet dessert for you, Mr. President!

This is a symbolic sweet gift for you. It had to be sweet because I guess you will go through many bitter and sour future moments. Everything in the video has a purpose, the colours, the lights and the signing… just hope you like it… if you ever see it ;D

I do hope you are a fair, wise and comprehensive President. Good luck and Congratulations!!!

Have it after eight or after nine or just when your busy agenda allows you to have it ☺.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 hard pears (I used conference ones), 1 liter of water, 150 grs of sugar, 1 little cup of Peppermint, fresh mint leaves. 100 grs of black chocolate and some water.

  • Peel the pears and place in a small pot so that the water can cover them. Add the sugar and the peppermint. Bring to a boil and simmer until they become tender. Reserve and let cool down. Once cold, place in the fridge with the green water.
  • Before you present the dessert, strain the pears (I forgot to do that and that’s why the chocolate seems more liquid in some spots). While you have them in the strainer, prepare the chocolate: Chop the chocolate and place in a small bowl. Boil some water and pour a bit in the bowl until you get the texture you want… that easy!
  • Cut the pears from the bottom up leaving the last part uncut. Place on the plate and pour the hot chocolate on top making a little drawing. Place the mint leaves and it’s done!!! I bet everybody will love it :D

Buen provecho! Enjoy it!


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11/05/2008 · 11:32 h by Peter G

What a creative tribute Nuria! Que amazing! I also love how green the pears look…a beautiful dessert for a beautiful day in the world!

11/05/2008 · 12:12 h by FoodJunkie

These pears look so weird! Nice idea to use the pepermint to colour them. Are you singing? :-)

11/05/2008 · 12:18 h by Núria

They taste super Peter! Thanks! Yes it’s a beautiful day Today :D

Hola Johanna. Do they look weird to you? he, he they taste super! And yes it’s me signing there :D

11/05/2008 · 13:20 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

Thank you for your Catalan treat for our new President. What does a “little cup of peppermint” mean — is it extract (concentrated flavor)? I’m intrigued with the possibilities of that and other flavorings.

11/05/2008 · 13:37 h by michelle of bleeding espresso

Awesome! How nice of you to make something especially for our new President :)

11/05/2008 · 13:38 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Oh, Nuria, you made me burst into tears.

I’m sitting here just crying.

What a thoughtful, lovely tribute.

BTW… this is what my parents sung to me when I was little. They were civil rights activists and this was a major song of the movement, which you probably already know.

Maybe there is some hope for the U.S. – and always when we have international friends like you.

Huge hugs to you, my friend.

11/05/2008 · 14:15 h by Núria

Hola Joan! I didn’t measure it, but it’s like the glass you would use for a gin or wiskey shot (4 centimeters deep and 3 wide aprox). The alcohol of the peppermint evaporates and it only stays the flavour and colour so if you add a bit more, I don’t think there will be a problem ;D

Hola Michelle, thanks! I think he will be a great President!

Dear Sweet Jen! I feel Mr. Obama so near… I think he’ll do a great job and this dessert was only a way to speak my thoughts out loud. I knew about the song and that’s why I sang it here :D
Much love to you t♥♥. You should be sooooo happy! No more tears ;D

11/05/2008 · 14:52 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

I have to come back and comment again because when I first looked at this post, I focused on the food. We are food bloggers, after all, right? But a second look showed me the broader, and more important picture, the thought that went into this post. The song, the video, and the sentiment are super. I’m not only inspired by Pres-Elect Obama, I am inspired by observers like you who see the broad picture and express it so well.

11/05/2008 · 15:08 h by joanna

this is such a beautiful dish! it looks like mint chocolate chip pears! i love it. they are so bright green- i wonder if that would work for other pale fruits, too. very cool.

11/05/2008 · 15:20 h by Yaelian

Nuria, your pears look beautiful! Thanks for your comment in my blog, in spite of you not understanding my Finnish….I wrote you an explanation there in Spanish next to your comment

11/05/2008 · 15:39 h by Núria

Wow Joan, you made my arms hair raise! The USA have such an important weight in the world and no doubt everybody in the plannet has followed this elections with a lot of interest! As I said I like Obama a lot for many different things… he could be the most complete president in your history! The black background in the video and in his family, the sweet dessert, the green colour (hope colour), the light in the darkness, the activists song… that was the idea :D

Hola Joanna! Go try!!! And tell me if it worked ;D Thanks for your kind words!

Aaaaah… so it was finnish, ok, I will use the translator and take a look… don’t know why I thought it was hebrean. Thanks so much!

11/05/2008 · 17:18 h by glamah16

I love it Nuria. Beautiful. The new president needs all the good vibes and suppport he can get. Its a long road ahead.

11/05/2008 · 19:41 h by Ivy

Hola Nuria. I think that the whole world is relieved that Mr. Obama is the new President of the US and we are all hoping for a better future. You made a lovely recipe and you are a talent in singing as well ;)

11/05/2008 · 23:01 h by Mallory Elise


sometimes, rarely though, but sometimes i am ok with the fact that im american. :)

11/05/2008 · 23:23 h by Nathan

I want to make it! NOW LOL. I love things in syrup. Hmmm what exactly is the peppermint??? Is it “Peppermint Extract” what is it called if I go to the store?

11/06/2008 · 0:23 h by Peter M

I have never seen pears poached to give them a green colour…green with envy I am! lol

Obama’s going to have a difficult term in office but he has many people around the work to back him.

11/06/2008 · 5:23 h by Passionate About Baking

Love the pears, the perspective & the spirit Nuria…& I love it when you serve the rare dessert! Can see your tooth is getting sweeter these days…YAY for you. These pears are beautiful & your post touchingly sweet & sour. Never was a better time for change…let’s see what the future holds for all of us! xoxoxo Deeba

11/06/2008 · 14:02 h by Núria

Thanks so much Courtney! This will be the start of 4 fantastic years :D

Hola Ivy! Yeah, change for good… not only good, super! You knew I love signing… and that song is so moving :D

C’mon Mallory! America is fantastic!!! There’s some things like in every where else… but a Great country :D

Hola Nathan! Sorry it took me some time to answer… I’m cooking a bullabesa (many hours in the kitchen). I bought a bottle that says Peppermint Cream, it has 27% alcohol volume… I think you should be able to find it there :D. The bottle is 3/4 of a liter. It’s such an easy and impressive recipe ;D. Please let me know if you do it.

Hola Peter :D. I’m so dissapointed my nº 1 fan didn’t mention anything about my signing in the video ;D… I’m taking the rest of the peppermint bottle and get drawn in my sorrow… (is that correct? ;D)

Hola Deeba! You are so right here!!! I’m experimenting the sweet side… and I like it ;D… so much to learn though! But your blog will inspire me for sure :D
Thanks Sweetheart xoxoxo

11/06/2008 · 14:45 h by Peter M

Nuria, I watched the slide show but didn’t have the volume on…ooops!

So, not only can you cook but you can sing…Nuria does Motown. You have a very soulful voice…you rock!

11/06/2008 · 15:19 h by Núria

That’s what I wanted to hear Peter ;D. Let’s hear you in your next video… si? The signing Greek Cook… sounds good ;D

11/06/2008 · 20:10 h by Emiline


These pears sound great. I love chocolate and mint together…

11/07/2008 · 0:40 h by Darius T. Williams

This is taking food to a new level…I bet this was great!


11/07/2008 · 1:25 h by Antonio Tahhan

q bello postre y linda voz, Núria! You sing, you cook, you blog… is there anything you don’t do?! Beautiful tribute :)

11/07/2008 · 7:48 h by Núria

Hola Emiline! They are so easy to do :D! How was the concert?

Thanks so much Darius :D

Hola Toni! Sí, I guess I cannot do the vertical (what you do in your profile picture) anymore ;D

11/08/2008 · 16:14 h by We Are Never Full

nuria – this looks awesome. you’ve been surprising me lately with your extra beautiful blog posts! not that you weren’t always wonderful…

thanks for your appreciation of our new president! i still get a bit misty-eyed and the chills when i say “president obama”.

11/11/2008 · 12:00 h by Malar Gandhi

Its looks so perfect to me….

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