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Gulyás Hungarian’s Soup and a Restaurant recommendation.

Here we are in Budapest, Hungary. The hotel is nice, the city is yet a mistery and the sky is covered with clouds. It’s not winter time, but the cold cold wind cuts our skin… that’s why I took a couple of wool hats, gloves and scarfs with me. My husband’s reaction to this freezing air is even more heavy… he brought a couple of termic and long slips with him. Ha, ha, he looks really funny with those on!!! This is COLD and not what we have in Spain!
What is the best thing to do to get the energy to walk through the city at night? Of course: comfort food! And where is the best chance for the best comfort food here? At the Muzeum Restaurant… Please waiter, bring some Gulyás over this table and three glasses of Tokaj wine! Köszönöm :D.

Gulyás or Goulash is a soup and not a stew, I had to travel to Budapest to learn about it… all my life I had thought that it was a stew! However, this soup has some potatoes, beef, veggies and spices and it kind of looks like a stew… that’s why many people gets confused about it :DOh, My God… what an experience! After having the whole bowl of hot and spicy goulash I felt like a dragon, ready to burn anything with my breath! The heat immediately posessed my body and it was hard to keep my eye balls inside its cavity!!!!!!! What a strong soup! I must say I’m not familiar with spicy and hot meals, this one works out perfect in cold and freezing weathers :D
Of course I had to buy a Hungarian Cuisine Book and you bet I will reproduce the soup at home. I will reduce the hot ingredients to fit my taste but I will tell you all about the real recipe ingredients and measures ;D.

My second choice was some goose liver with caramelized seasonal fruits…. delicious! It seems that goose liver or foie is one of the favourite ingredients here and there’s many recipes with it. But I will show you the picture of my husband’s pick: an amazing salmon ravioli with salmon caviar as the filling… more than delicious…. awesome!!!

This is a highly recommendable restaurant! The decoration is elegant, decadent and cozy at the same time and there’s a life piano music playing that makes your stay even more pleasant. Here is the address for those of you interested:

Múzeum Kávéház
Múzeum körut, 12
Tel: 267 0375
Aprox price per person: 8000 Ft. 32 €

After filling our stomachs with good food and good wine we walked a bit through Pest. For those of you not in the know, the city has two big areas: one called Buda, that’s where our hotel is; at the left side of the Danube River and one called Pest, where the cultural and administrative center of the city is; at the right side of the river.

Tomorrow there will be more stories of a Spanish woman walking through Budapest streets.

To my fellow bloggers: sorry guys, I will catch up with your blogs next week. Meanwhile enjoy my adventures in this monumental City.


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11/20/2008 · 19:03 h by Bellini Valli

I trust you are having a fantastic time Nuria. Can’t wait to hear more!!

11/20/2008 · 21:05 h by Peter G

Glad to see you enjoyed goulash in the cold weather Nuria…can’t wait to see what else you indulge in.

11/21/2008 · 0:04 h by Cynthia

Thanks for taking us on this virtual trip!

11/22/2008 · 3:51 h by Laurie Constantino

I’m so glad to hear you’re having a good time and eating fabulous food. It was so fun to read about Budapest!!

11/22/2008 · 8:45 h by Núria

Thank you all: Valli, Peter, Cynthia and Laurie for your always welcomed comments.

I couldn’t post a new comment yesterday… I will try today…. but definitely will be back on monday :D

Kisses from Hungary to you all!!!!

11/22/2008 · 16:21 h by Mallory Elise

hey youre supposed to blog AFTER the vacation. put this computer away!

11/22/2008 · 20:28 h by Psychgrad

Have a fantastic trip! I loved Budapest. Such a beautiful city. I hope you’ll have time for a Turkish bath. I went to the one at the Gellert Hotel and pretty much had to be rolled out of there.

11/22/2008 · 20:35 h by Ivy

Glad you are having a lovely time. Waiting to hear more about your trip.

11/23/2008 · 3:38 h by giz

That goulash looks unbelievable. And spicy too – oh – be still my heart.

11/24/2008 · 14:11 h by Peter M

See! I told you there’s Buda and Pest…no joking~! lol

I’m sure you’re loving this romantic city.

11/24/2008 · 15:39 h by glamah16

Isnt it a fabulous city. No one does Foie Gras better. Amd I loved my bowls of goulash. Makes me want to make some now.

11/24/2008 · 19:46 h by Núria

Thank you all for your good advise! It helped me a lot :D

11/29/2008 · 18:06 h by We Are Never Full

we jsut got back from our trip to england so i’m catching up on blog posts. i’m glad you had some spicy food, nuria! goulash is fabulous. and that salmon ravioli looks like art on a plate.

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