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Chicken Legs coated in Hazelnuts, Herbs and Bacon

This is our beloved doggy! She is a very inteligent and beautiful poodle. Since we bought it as a gift to our dauther the summer of the 2004, she has filled our life with humour, love, friendship… and I could go on and on. For those of you who don’t have a dog, I guess it’s hard to imagine how important in our lives dogs become. Well, today I’m a bit upset because just bebore Xmas, Boleta (that’s her name, meaning little ball) met her blue prince and we thought that she might be pregnant and were really happy about it! Today was the day the Vet would confirm that, she had an ecography programmed and it didn’t show anything good: She only had one puppy and it’s dead…. ooooohh. There’s still a chance that her body absorbs what she’s got in the uterus, but most probably she will need surgery.

I’m the kind of person that worries too much for everything, so I tell myself that it will be ok, the Vet said that she’ll be back home during same day. So lets hope everything will be alright.

So, today is not a very cooking-inspired day… I came out with this simple, easy, basic ingredients and quick dish.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 8 Chicken legs, 8 smoked bacon slices, a bunch of hazelnuts, a good pinch of rosemary, salt, black pepper and olive oil.

* First of all preheat oven at 200ºC.

* Now, prepare a dressing with the peeled toasted hazelnuts, rosemary and salt. Smash all ingredients together and reserve.

* Take away the chicken skin, clean it under tap water, dry it and add salt and black pepper to your taste.

* Coat in the hazelnuts dressing. Wrap the legs with the bacon slice.

* Drop some olive oil in an oven tray and place the legs on it, drop some more olive oil on top.

* Insert in the oven in a mid/high possition. Cook for 35 to 45 minutes. Last five minutes turn heat to 220 to have a crispy result.

* I had some roasted red peppers’ leftover and used it in the dish to give some colour but you can have it with any other veggies: fried artichockes, some salad, whatever you feel like!


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01/21/2008 · 15:12 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Poor puppy, Nuria! I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you guys. We don’t have a god right now, but are planning on getting a puppy after the wedding! :)
I can’t wait!

Your dish looks great too, sweetie!

01/21/2008 · 17:18 h by Núria

Thanks so much Jenn! Eventhough, there can be this kind of accidents, I don’t regret having my doggy!!!
You will see! You will love yours too… they are adorable! They are always there for you… with those eyes!
Thank you Cara Jenn!

01/21/2008 · 19:00 h by Heather

Oh, I’m so sorry about your poochie. But I have to laugh at Jenn’s comment because she accidentally typed “We don’t have a god right now” instead of “We don’t have a dog right now.” :D

I know it’s probably not the time to laugh, but I find humor in everything (almost) and it helps me in hard times. But so does bacon. Mmmmm….bacon.

01/21/2008 · 19:24 h by Mansi Desai

That dog is so cute!!! I’m generally afraid of dogs, but that one I can handle:)

01/21/2008 · 19:54 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

how dumb, I realize that I said we don’t have a god right now, what I MEANT to say was DOG. LOL!

01/22/2008 · 7:47 h by Laurie Constantino

I love your dog, she is very cute. I sure hope she gets better soon, and without surgery. Best of luck.
Your chicken with hazelnuts and bacon sounds easy but delicious. Even on not the best cooking day, you created something wonderful.

01/22/2008 · 7:55 h by Núria

Don’t worry Jenn! I’m the mistakes MasterFly!!!! So I thought it just meant something I didn’t know!!! It’s like this “lol” everybody uses all the time… Could anybody explain me what it means????????

Heather, I agree with you, humour is the best to handle situations and bacon too! Thanks!!!

Hola Mansai! Welcome to Spanish Recipes!! If you had a dog like Boleta… you would love her!!!

01/22/2008 · 9:09 h by Peter M

Nuria, I’m sure Boleta will be just fine, the vet told you it’s a minor procedure.

As for your pollo, I think it looks good but it would look better on MY plate!

01/22/2008 · 9:50 h by Emiline

I’m so sorry about Boleta. She’s a cute pooch.

Your dish looks good. I think it’s very inspiring. You come up with such creative food.

Ha ha- I’m laughing about the typo, too. (sorry)

01/22/2008 · 10:17 h by Núria

I LOVE YOU ALL, guys!!!! Thanks for your support!
Yesterday was a horrible day, on top of everything my husband got stolen in the street and we had to change the house keys, go to the police, bla, bla, bla… Just Horrible! A BLACK DAY! Barcelona also has a dark side, agghhhhhhh.

But today is another day and we are celebrating my husbands’ birthday, so we’ll cheer up and try to head it with good mood, good food and good look… he, he, I had to make it rhyme!!!!
Thanks Laurie, thanks Peter and thanks Emiline :D

01/22/2008 · 11:10 h by Cakelaw

Boleta is a lovely dog – hope she recovers OK. I grew up with dogs so I know how much they are part of the family.

Love the chicken recipe – looks and sounds delicious.

01/22/2008 · 12:28 h by Núria

Hi CakeLaw! Welcome to Spanish Recipes and thanks so much for your kind words. I DO hope she recovers well too! We all love her!!!

01/22/2008 · 17:58 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

LOL means “Laugh Out Loud”

01/22/2008 · 19:14 h by Núria

Gracias Jenn!!! It’s something I can not look up in the dictionary.

01/22/2008 · 20:50 h by katiez

What a darling little doggie! She would haradly make one paw of my big girls. Too bad about the litter!
And awful about yout husband! Most big cities have their dark side, don’t they?

01/22/2008 · 21:22 h by Susan

How’s everything now, Nuria? Wish I could send some of my cream puffs to sweeten your difficult times.

01/23/2008 · 10:50 h by Núria

Hola Katie, You also have females, don’t you? No matter the size, they are adorable! I would love to see pictures of your girls!!! Yes, Barcelona is getting a bit so so… thank god the day is over!

Hola Susan! Nice to see your face over here… MMMmmmm I would love some of your cream puffs… what a beautiful idea, thanks!!!!

01/23/2008 · 16:11 h by Meeta

Sorry to hear about the little doggie Nuria!

Your pollo looks simply gorgeous. I have to give the flavors a try!

01/23/2008 · 19:02 h by Núria

Hi Meeta! Thanks for your concern.
Yes, the pollo was great afterall!!!

Wanted to tell you something about your blog, today I encountered some difficulties while trying to get to some pages and leaving comments… has anybody else told you about it, or maybe is my “fault”?

01/26/2008 · 19:45 h by Ivy

Hope your little doggy will recover without operation. I used to have one in Cyprus and I know how it is to have one. I didn’t want to have one in the apartment so we’ve had a Siamese cat for the last ten years. Happy belated birthday to your husband and those drum sticks must really be delicious.
By the way Jenn, all this time I though that “lol” was lots of laugh. I’ve learnt something new today.

01/26/2008 · 20:14 h by Núria

Hi Ivy! Thanks for your kind words! I love cats too, many years ago I also had one… lovely one! Concerning Boleta, I hope everything goes fine. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for your support!!!

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