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Time for Fiesta, for fun, for great and delicious Meals… CARNIVAL is here!!! This Year it will last until february 6th and till that day we will fool ourselves and go to parties, get our costumes on and eat and drink and sing and dance like maniacs… Do you want to join us?

Special dressing: Huecco a fantastic musician to get you in the mood for moving your hips!!! (turn player on to feel his wild rhythm)

If you come to Barcelona, the places to go for the Carnival Parades are Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú, these are two small cities near Barcelona which have a beautiful, colorful and crazy Fiesta-Carnival. The first one: Sitges is wellknown for its beaches, narrow old stoned streets and european gay meeting point. And the second: Vilanova i la Geltrú for its gastronomy among other things.

All these days of sinny nonstop party (? ;-)) take place just before the beggining of the Lent when sacrifies of the body and soul are required. This is what religion recomends, but since I told you before, I’m not a religious person, I only take what I want from traditions… so I just take the party and the eating celebrations!!!

Here in Catalonia is also a tradition today, Thursday, to eat omelette and egg’s sausage. That’s why this day is called “el dia de la truita” the day of the omelette or also “Dijous gras” Greasy thursday. So here you have tortilla de patatas, tortilla de alcachofas, egg sausage and some iberian acorn ham to follow with what tradition says.

To perform tortilla de patatas, just follow the link and if you want to do artichokes omelette perform same steps, but instead of potatoes and onion use artichokes, cook them at low heat so that they get soft enough to do the omelette. For 6 to 7 artichokes use 4 to 5 eggs. I meant to cook a zuchinni one but didn’t have the time, so it will be posted next month. The egg’s sausauge has this yellow colour that becomes darker the dryer it gets. The ingredients are pork meat, eggs, salt, pepper and nutmeg, all of them stuffed in the intestines pork skin, cooked in a cauldron, strained and ready to eat. I always buy it prepared and cooked.

This is a dessert that’s consumed during these days called “Coca de llardons”. Main ingredients: Lardons which are small strips or cubes of fatty bacon or pork that is cut from a pig’s belly. Typically of 1 cm (3/8 inch) on a small side, pinenuts and sugar, not to mention calories…. but so flavourfull and tasty!

The 6th of February, is the last party day… the Carnival king is burnt (a man sized doll) and then we proceed to “the bury of the sardine” This is another funny tradition that simbolizes that the excess days are over. We buy a dry sardine, at the begining of the holiday, dress it with colored papers or even clothes and the 6th we bury it in the ground, in a park or in the country side. And this is when abstinence time begins!

Cityzens from Vilanova i la Geltrú playing a Sweets War.


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01/31/2008 · 16:46 h by Ivy

Nuria, how nice, celebrating Carnival so early. I love reading about traditions. Ours will start mid February and there will be lots of parties and events going on. Shall write about them later in February. Who is that beautiful girl in the photo?

01/31/2008 · 17:00 h by Peter M

Hola Nuria, Carnival looks so fun and I hope to experience it one day.

That omelet sounds rich and delicioso, of course coming from your Diabla hands! lol

01/31/2008 · 17:33 h by Heather

Wow, is that you in the picture? You’re quite the caliente mamacita! Carnaval looks like such a great party – *much* more fun than Super Bowl Sunday! :P

01/31/2008 · 20:44 h by Núria

Hi Ivy! I also love following traditions and knowing about the foreing ones! Can’t wait to see how a Greek Carnival is!
The Beauty is my daughter, at last year’s carnival picture.

Hola querido Peter! The omelette is gone… in the deepness of our bellies, ja, ja!
I think that the one that’s “possesed” here by el Diablo is you and your fast hands that won’t rest from cooking and posting!!!!!!! ;-)

Hola Heather, I wish I was… but she is my daughter, I’m a BIT older… this Saturday become 45!!!!!! Nobody told me caliente mamacita before… I think is soo funny!!!

02/01/2008 · 4:04 h by Ben

Carnival looks like a lot of fun. Here it is way too cold to do anything right now, and there are not really any traditions like those either. I sometimes miss warm-weathered people and their flamboyant traditions :D


02/01/2008 · 6:03 h by Emiline

Happy Carnival! I wish we had all of these traditions, because they sound like fun. I wish I was in Spain so we could have a party! I’ll just have to live the party through your blog.

I think I’m going to make a King Cake for Mardi Gras. That should be cool

You are a caliente mamacita!

02/01/2008 · 7:45 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Yes Carnival is fun! I’ll post some more pics about it. I just hope we keep with the good weather and it doesn’t rain… it wouldn’t be the same!!!

Querida Emiline, Yes, please, great idea! I would love to see your King Cake for Mardi Grass!!!
I also wish you were all here and we could party together :D

02/01/2008 · 16:19 h by Peter G

Great post on carnival in Spain Nuria. I love the omelette recipe as well. Lardons are so tasty!

02/01/2008 · 17:36 h by Heather

Do they call it acorn ham because that’s what the pigs eat?

Also, TAG you’re it.

02/01/2008 · 22:34 h by Mansi Desai

wow Nuria!! that looks awesome!:) that dessert is mouth-watering!:)

02/02/2008 · 18:03 h by Heather

Cumpleaños Feliz, Nuria!!

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