Estany de Banyoles


Ca LArpa in Banyoles

Going for a weekend scape outside the city will always be a blast if you combine it with other factors such as: good company, a beautiful environment, great climate, wild scenery, comforting hotel services… That’s why we chose Ca LArpa in Banyoles lake. It’s a small Hotel with beautiful rooms and a great Restaurant that holds 1 michelin star. It has few tables in a cosy environment, fantastic and creative cuisine and a wonderful service. The chef: Pere Arpa, started his career as Pastry chef and evolved into a more complete Cuisine chef.

Pere Arpa Chef

We loved all the dishes we had there… there’s not only first quality ingredients, but also creativity, innovation and return to the past in dishes such as Pigeon à la Royale! Thank you for a wonderful and delicious stay!!! Ca LArpa in Banyoles should be your choice for a different and fantastic weekend outside the city.

If you also like hiking, biking, fishing, rowing… this is your place! Take a look at the wonderful scenery you have to get your food burnt ;-)


We are of the hiking type.


We had such a beautiful day! Not one cloud in the sky! Absolutely amazing.

Romanesque church

If you go around the lake it might take you from 1 to 2 hours depending on your speed and way of transport. The views are spectacular and you get to see a Romanesque church at  Santa Maria de Porqueres.

Estany de Banyoles

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it. You will enjoy the food, the views and the stay!


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