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Pigeon à la Royale

There’s some recipes that come from way back in history, belong to other centuries, belong to other countries… that is what happens with Pigeon à la Royale! First of all, it’s one of those plates that a king would have on his table, right? A French king? Yes, that would make sense because they used to hunt a lot and most of the meat they eat was from wild animals and birds that belonged to the forest and the wild.

We spent a weekend outside the city in a wonderful place, only 1 hour away from Barcelona: Banyoles. There is a big lake surrounded by the forest, some fields and all kind of wild animals. We picked a one star Michelin Restaurant: Ca L’Arpa which seemed promising and I have to say that it was the right choice! Absolutely delicious!!! One of their dishes was Pigeon à la Royale and of course, we couldn’t say no to that… we felt like kings for a while!!!

Marinated Sardines

We also ordered Marinated sardines on chickpeas puree and pumpkin seeds, Tuna belly vinaigrette and a delicious variated Chocolate textures dessert paired with black beer… Yes, you heard well! It was awesome!!! Like nothing we tried before, so daring, so good, so unexpected… a blast!

Chocolate dessert

It’s a pity that recipes like Pigeon à la Royale get lost in time! That’s why I looked for the recipe in my book collection and found this Farce Royale (stuffed Royale). This is one of the treasures I have in my kitchen: Modernist cuisine: 6: by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet. If you want to get a deep and wider knowledge on the processes of the profesional cuisine, these are your books! Also, they have the most wonderful pictures so that you get truly inspired :-).

So, I will give you the recipe, even though I haven’t been able to perform it myself, I might try this Christmas so that my family too gets a king/queen treat. If you try it, please let me know how it goes :-). Have fun and enjoy FOOD!!!



Ingredients for 300 grs: 150 grs of cold pigeon thigh meat, 10 grs of foie gras grease, 3 grs of salt, 200 grs of dark pigeon broth, 3,25 grs of 160 bloom gelatin, 40 grs brunoise bacon, 35 grs of peeled and smashed hazelnuts, 35 grs of finely sliced mushrooms, 7 grs of blanched garlic brunoise, 1,9 grs of Insta Cure nº1, 0,16 grs of Nutrifos 088 disolved

  • Mix and blend the meat, the foie grease and salt until homogeneous.
  • Reduce the broth to 25 grs to obtain a glaze. Gel the gelatin and dissolve in the glaze.
  • Add the puree and make it cold by placing in a ice bath.
  • Add the bacon, the hazelnuts, the mushrooms and the garlic to the meat mixture and blend until it's completely incorporated.
  • Place the mixture between two silpats.
  • knead with a rolling pin and give a timbal shape.
  • Place in the fridge until it sets.
  • Serve.

This recipe has lots of professional ingredients. Since I haven't try it myself, cannot advise you on other more familiar or handy ingredients that we could use instead.


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12/09/2015 · 21:13 h by Liz

Welcome back:)

01/26/2016 · 17:28 h by Núria Farregut

Thank you Liz!!!! I hope I keep posting :-)

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