Sweet Pizza with Strawberries

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Sweet Pizza with Strawberries

What about changing your morning pancakes or crepes for a sweet pizza with Strawberries? Would you like to join me and surprise your family? Faster than preparing and making the pancakes… give it a try now that strawberries are in season!

Strawberries and Chocolate

Saw the recipe at Cuina magazine and went straight to the supermarket! These days strawberries are not only great if you buy them at the market, any supermarket you trust can be equally good. Mine came from Huelva, Andalucía; a bit far from Barcelona… they produce tones and tones and send them all over the world… according to 20 minutos.es, Spain is the first country in the world exporting Strawberries and the second producing them. They are delicious!

Sweet Pizza with Strawberries

But cannot wait to have the ones from Maresme a location very near Barcelona right by the sea. These Strawberries are a bit late, they are picked during April and May and maybe the Mediterranean breeze helps them be the sweetest strawberries on earth!

Sweet Pizza with Strawberries

Your kids won’t want to go back to pancakes!!!!!


Ingredients for 1 pizza: 1 pizza dough ready to bake, a bunch of fresh strawberries, some mint leaves, a few teaspoons of natural yogurt, 200 grs. of black chocolate and powered sugar to pour on top.

  • Cut the chocolate and melt inside a bowl you place over a pot with boiling water. Keep on stirring until it melts. Let it cool a bit.
  • Wash the strawberries and cut in pieces.
  • Bake your pizza dough following the instructions. One minute before it's done take out of the oven and pour the cholate on it. Place it back in for a minute.
  • Take out from the oven and place the strawberries, drop some teaspoons of yogurt and sprinkle with powered sugar on top. Place the mint leaves and it's ready to devour!!!
  • Enjoy!!! and leave some for the kids ;D.


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03/10/2014 · 12:48 h by bellini

Right now we have strawberries from California in our stores, locally they are not available until June. Someday I may taste a strawberry from Spain. When I am in the mood for something sweet I make something similar to your delicious pizza with Nutella:D

03/10/2014 · 13:22 h by Núria Farregut

Yes you will taste some here!!! Just plan your trip and I’ll have some ready for you :D

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