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Deconstruction of a Burger and Photoshop tips

It surely looks deconstructed, doesn’t it? Hahaha… I’m finally able to make magic with my food and get a small step closer to my food hero photographer Ryan Matthew Smith… his photography is just awesome! He is one of the main Photographers at the Modernist Cuisine; a different and amazing way to look at the Culinary processes. And since I have the best teacher on Photoshop now, I’m starting to learn some tricks to make ingredients float in the air.

Burger and Photoshop

Once you know what to do with your Photoshop tools it’s not that hard to compose the image. Are you willing to hear about the hows on the Deconstruction of a Burger and Photoshop tips?

  1. First of all, prepare the ingredients. Cut them and place in the set you prepared with a black background. Take separate photos of them, once a time and watching that the light they get is the same in each case.
  2. Once you have the pictures done, get into Photoshop and select the Stroke tool and follow the contour of the ingredient. When done, make a selection and save.
  3. Do the same with all your photos. Create a new document with the correct size to get everything in it. Choose a black background  and copy all the selections in it. They will become layers and you will be able to place them where you want.
  4. To get the text shaped… go to the shapes tool and choose one, draw it in the back layer. Choose the text tool and place on the shape you just draw. Write on it, you will see that the text follows the shape. Once written, delete the shape.

My advise if you have Photoshop installed, don’t get stuck with the contrast and saturation… use the rest of the tools, look for tutorials, go to classes (like I do)… it’s so much fun! You can go as far as your imagination takes you :D. There’s a fantastic promotion now for CC Photoshop and Lightroom… only 9,99 $

Enjoy life and Food!


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03/24/2014 · 23:41 h by Joan Nova

Ha, ha … first of all, love the sandwich ingredients and what fun to make them float. Nice job!

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