Welcome to Spanish Recipes by Núria

Bring on that pecan pie!
Pour some sugar
On it sugar
Don’t be shy.

Scoop me up
A mess of that
Chocolate swirl.
Don’t be stingy
I’m a growing girl

I offer

Delicious Spanish recipes
With no apology.
How can I deny the world
The most of me?

I am not afraid to throw my weight around
Pound by pound by pound

Because I’m
so proud of my new blog
Face the fact
It’s simply irrefutable!
No one wants a meal
That only offers the least
When people, I offer you 
The whole damn feast

Slice me off a piece of that
hog head cheese!
Take a look inside
My blog of Spanish recipes 
Now don’t you sniff around
For something fluffy and light.
We need a man who
Bring a man sized appetite!

I use a
Pinch of sugar
And a dash of spice!
I’ll let you lick the spoon
Because it tastes so nice!

We’ll keep in the oven
Till it’s good and hot
Keep on stirring
Till you hit the spot!

Because I’m
So proud of my new blog
There is nothing ’bout it
that’s unsuitable…


WELCOME EVERYBODY! Welcome to my brand new and shinny blog! Welcome to the new visitors and welcome to my old readers, welcome you all. I hope you find what you look for in Spanish Recipes by Núria. Make sure you write the new url down and update your links to this site.

I really hope you like my new blog. All my love, my dreams, my effort, my best dishes… and wishes; everything is in here. Spanish Recipes by Núria will be a different kind of blog, you will be able to see at once these three main themes (Recipes, News and Gastrotours) at  first glance. You also have all recipes categorised so nicely that you won’t be able to stop clicking with your mouse ;D. There will be a special space for Tapas and Traditional Spanish Recipes… and you will also find a Merchandising spot where you can buy an apron with my logo or a mug or even a bag!!!

Hopefully you will find your way around pretty fast. This blog has a responsive design, therefore and depending on your screen size, you will see it one way or another. It’s also adapted to I’pads and I’phones. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me, just go to the mail icon and send me your questions. My blog is my Basecamp and I only use social nets to let you know about the new posts, so please, don’t be mad at me if I never answer you through Facebook (for example). Sorry about that. If you are a blogger/photographer/cook/writer, you know what it takes to have things done. I might not answer your comments but I read them all and I love to know your opinion. Thank you!

Please, bear with me… I’m trying to update the old blog posts as fast as I can but it will take me a month (more or less) to have it all done.

Queen Latifah is always a great inspiration :D. Hairspray.



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06/10/2013 · 19:08 h by Joan Nova

You’ve been busy!! I love everything about the new blog. Good to have you back!!

06/11/2013 · 18:51 h by Katie

congrats on the move! I think it’s easier to move from Blogger than from Typepad…. I hope so for your sake LOL. I love the new look! Well done!

06/12/2013 · 9:48 h by Núria Farregut

Thank you girls! Huge hugs to you both :D

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