Book recommendation: Recetas antiaging. Gastronomía y ciencia. – Antiaging Recipes. Gastronomy and science.

I think I like everything about Carme Ruscalleda: I love seeing her on tv performing her dishes, listening to her advises, watching her cook… I love going to her Restaurant, her food is more than awesome; so creative and delicious! And now, this book: Recetas Antiaging. Gastronomía y ciencia… I had to buy it, not only because she was one of the authors but also because the tittle hooked me at first sight.

antiagingI’m in that phase now where I want to know what I eat and how will it affect my body… If we are what we eat, then will this or that dry fruit make me feel energetic? Will this infusion make me feel calm and relaxed? Will proteins help me focus more on things? Will raisins improve my memory? Will vegetables and fruits make me more resistant to a possible cancer? Well, if these things bother you too and you are willing to find fantastic recipes and food photography, then this is your book!


The authors are Carme Ruscalleda, Raül Balam and Dr. Manuel Sánchez.




antiagingThe book is structured by months and the recipes are performed with the seasonal produce we can find each moment of the year. That’s another thing I recommend: Eat seasonal products and follow the Slow food movement; produce should be grown nearby. That way you support your territory produce and the food keeps its original flavor and features because there’s nearly no transport involved.

If you are also intrigued about the cookware material and you want to know which one you should choose for a healthier cooking… get the book on your shelf!


The only inconvenient is that I haven’t seen it in English :(


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