Tarantas recipe contest


Tarantas Recipe Contest and trip to Spain

Yes dear friends!!! You have the opportunity to come to Spain for free now!!! This post is about the awesome Tarantas Recipe Contest and trip to Spain for the winner!!! So, if you are a food and wine lover, if you like cooking, if you live in America (any of the 50 States, sorry about the rest of America) and if you would like to visit Spain for free… This is your contest!!!

Don’t miss the chance to visit Requena, a beautiful Valencian village, also visit the Tarantas Organic Winery  and more if you win the first prize!!!! Tell your foodie friends about it, please share this post and let everybody know :-). Good luck to you all!!!

Here is the press release link. I have also pasted the information down below, please notice that the links don’t work. If you want to get through them, access the press release link.

Tarantas Recipe Contest

This is serious, friends… a great prize for the winner of  Tarantas Taste of Spain Recipe Contest. Please let me know if you have any questions. This is for real! Take a chance and participate with your best recipe and pair it with Tarantas wine. If you have never tried any of Tarantas wines, go to the Whole Foods Market and get the one you think could match better with your recipe, post the recipe with your paired wine at the Tarantas link and keep your fingers crossed ;-). 

My best wishes to all the participants of the Tarantas Taste of Spain Recipe Contest!


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