SpanishRecipesbyNuria on El Punt Avui TV

The Catalan TV, El Punt Avuí interviewed me a month ago because they were interested in my blog, isn’t that awesome? They have a great section called L’Hora d’Anglès (the English Hour) where Marcela Topor interviews people who live in Catalonia and speaks English such as Artists, Designers, and Food Bloggers, why not? I went to their studios and took with me some home made cookies, some inspirational cook books and my beautiful daughter to make me company and give me some peace of mind… I was really nervous!!!  I’m kind of shy and talking about myself is not my favorite subject… but everything went fine.
SpanishRecipesbyNuria on El Punt Avui TV… Yes, that’s me! ;-)

L HORA D ANGLES Nuria Farregut from Núria Farregut Ferrer on Vimeo.

However, if I had a second chance, I would change some phrases and things I said. I was so afraid to get stuck in words my brain wouldn’t find… and it happened!!!! Hahaha.
The Basque Chef name I was struggling for was Andoni Aduriz, the chef of the restaurant Mugaritz, one of the best Food Experiences I ever had as I mention in the video.

So, if you are interested in getting quite a complete overview of the why, when and whow of my blog… be my guests and enjoy!!!


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04/29/2016 · 7:53 h by Thaïs

Núria! Ja he visitat el teu blog :))) noltes felicitats! És molt bonic!!!!

04/30/2016 · 10:25 h by Núria Farregut

Gràcies Thaïs!!! Una abraçada :-)

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