Cocomo Restaurant

What do you expect from a Restaurant when you walk in? I expect a high quality food spread… that’s the first thing always! I also appreciate a nice, not noisy environment, easy and centered location, fair prices, kind and professional waiters… Well, Cocomo Restaurant in Barcelona not only covers all expectations, it also provides your ears with great music according to the people seating at the tables and the time of the day, it lets you choose among different kind of tables and ambiences: if you want to have your own private space with some friends or with your working team you can pick the big tables set for these special occasions.

Cocomo Restaurant

Barcelona has a huge growing Restaurant offer these days and it’s not easy to make the right choice when trying to pick a good restaurant. So, here is my recommendation for you today! Try Cocomo Restaurant and you will love their Mediterranean food offer, their fantastic prices and their large servings. Its location is in the center of the town, very near Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia. Take a look at their website for complete information; their doors have been open now for two months and they already make a difference!

Cocomo Barcelona

Another great thing about it is that they are open from first thing in the morning for your café con leche and breakfast treats until night for your dinner and favorite drink with friends! Could you ask for more? :D

Cocomo – Restaurante y copas
Enrique Granados, 55


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