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Codfish Rice

My food obsession, my favorite ingredient, my delicious treat… that's rice! Yes, Paella was invented in Valencia, but here in Catalonia we also master our rices!!! Name an ingredient and we make a Casserole Rice for you with it :D. In Catalonia, rice ...

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La mesa del Pecado




Just a bunch of pictures I recently did of my City: Barcelona. I'm calling this collection: Beach and benches. Being a tourist and walking the city up and down is so rewarding! You get to catch moments and people like these… Enjoy the tour!...

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Fish Market



Valparaiso Fish Market

We just came back from a wonderful trip to Chile! Yes, that large (not wide) country in South America where they speak Spanish, suffer earthquakes and have the most beautiful landscapes ever!!! Well, I'm planning to write a few posts on Chile… but you know me… I plan and plan ...

Tradicional Spanish Recipes

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