Spanish Omelet


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Spanish Omelet

This is one of my first recipes in this blog… Ahhhh sweet memories… July 17th 2007 to be exact! Wow, time flies! Now, that I'm a big girl and my photos have improved a bit, here you have the 0.3 version of the Spanish Omelet. A must in any Spanish ...

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La mesa del Pecado

Getting your suitcase ready for the summer? Still don't know which books you will take with you to read under the palm tree with a Martini by your side? Maybe you are packing your suitcase for a trip to some lost place where there will be no wifi connection, no ...

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Girona Temps de Flors 2014

Girona is one of the most beautiful main cities in Catalonia! It's located up in the north, on the way to France and 45 minutes away from the Mediterranean. It has delightful streets to wander, pretty little shops to sneak in, old jewish and arabian heritage… I'm in ...

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