EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA: Best Restaurant in the World!!!

Congratulations to the Roca Family Team! According to Restaurant Magazine, El Celler de Can Roca is the BEST Restaurant in the World. My admiration from this humble blog for the good job and their enthusiastic dedication. They are a wonderful source of inspiration. Catalan Cuisine Forever!!! :D

(The picture is part of their home’s website. Photography: David Ruano/Josep Oliva
Onyar River and the city of Girona

From left to right: Joan Roca, Josep Roca and Jordi Roca. Joan; the salt in the kitchen, Josep; the glass of wine and Jordi; the sweet treat. The three of them make a perfect team!

Find hereunder just a few online newspapers which have developed the news and might interest you to complete the information.

La Vanguardia (Catalonia)

Ara (Catalonia)

El País (Spain)

The New York Times (U.S.A.)

The Guardian (U.K.)

Le Monde (France)

Los Angeles Times (U.S.A.)



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04/30/2013 · 18:45 h by Joan Nova

I saw it! Bravissimo! I must make a return trip to the Mother Land. :)

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