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My Recipes published at DELICOOKS, and 4 delicious recipes for you to celebrate 3 Years of Blogging!

Snails&Mint Tapa – Picture courtesy: Becky Lawton

This looks like a déjà vu to me… The Summer heat, my daughter being away to one of the  most beautiful  Spanish islands with her friends on a summer camp, me seating in front of the computer and thinking about a new post again…

Zucchini Puree with Iberian Acorn Ham – Picture courtesy: Becky Lawton

That’s how it all started 3 years ago. My husband convinced me that starting a blog could be a positive experience… and here I am, 3 years after… when I look back I see how this blog has helped me to grow as a person, as a cook and as an amateur photographer. It’s been my therapy and my hobbie; yeah, there’s been ups and downs, blogging fever and blogging fobia; but I’m still here and the experience has been highly positive and enriching. Thank you all ♥ for being there and making it possible.

Stuffed Potatoes with Butifarra and grated with allioli – Picture courtesy: Becky Lawton

So, since it’s time to celebrate, today I will give you not only one but 4 recipes!!! Why is that? Well, remember that back in March I had the luck and pleasure to cook for DELICOOKS? If you don’t, then follow this link to get updated… Delicooks is now in English and they have published my recipes and a personal interview!!!. You can also get it all in Spanish here.
Well, take a good seat because here it is!

Toasted noodles with Palamós fresh shrimps – Picture courtesy: Becky Lawton

Back in March Fernanda Algorta ( Delicooks web designer) and Becky Lawton (Delicooks profesional food photographer) got in touch with me to arrange a visit to Becky’s studio and prepare a personal Spanish Menu. Picking up the recipes was hard for me, none seemed to be good enough and easy enough to present… but I finally chose Caracoles (which I love), Zucchini puree (one of the easiest recipes I know), Stuffed potatoes (a humble and delicious recipe) and Rossejat de fideus (toasted noodles; one of my favorites). You can find all these recipes in my blog, but if you follow the links they will take you to an optimized and improved version.

My Personal Spanish Menu (desserts not included)
Cooking for the family is one thing, cooking for friends and guests takes you to an upper level, but cooking for profesionals… that scared me to death!!!! Aaaaahh, I was really nervous. Not only that day but also the week before and the days after!
But, I couldn’t find nicer people than those at Delicooks: Becky was the sweetest and most comprehensive person; Iker Erauzkin, the profesional cook I had cooking lessons with, came to say hi; that was really nice of him and I feel so grateful. And Fernanda and Gloria (the interviewer) were really friendly and sweet.
♥What a great experience♥Please follow the links and prepare a seasonal Spanish Menu wherever you live! I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as my family does :D. Aren’t the pictures stunning? How lucky to have one of the best food photographers shooting my recipes! Thanks so much Becky for your kindness and sweet demeanor!

For those of you interested in Becky’s photography, please follow the link.
And for those of you interested in the interview Delicooks published in its web, please follow this link and get to know me in depth ;D.

The Eating Good Feeling Good first Roundup on Olive oil will be finally published during the second week of July and the announcement of the new Ingredient by the end of that week too. Sorry people… I have a trip to Madrid and will come back with succulent pictures and traditional recipes :D.


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06/29/2010 · 17:48 h by Peter M

Happy Anniversary Nuria and congratulations on this new collaboration. I hope it bears the fruits of your cooking efforts!

06/29/2010 · 18:20 h by Miriam

Guau, Nuria, felicidades por el aniversario y por la entrevista! Ahora mismo voy a verla.

06/29/2010 · 21:44 h by Becky

Thanks from all of us at Delicooks, it was great sharing this experience with you, hope we can do it again one day!

06/30/2010 · 2:59 h by TS of eatingclub vancouver

Congratulations!! =)

06/30/2010 · 9:27 h by Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul

Congratulations Nuria on your 3 years blogging! And how wonderful to see your recipes looking so beautiful! Buena suerte for the next 3 years!

06/30/2010 · 11:05 h by Sweet Artichoke

!Felicidades! La entrevista es muy interesante, las recetas son hermosas y … !Feliz Aniversario!
Congratulations for your great blog!

06/30/2010 · 12:32 h by bellini valli

How positively exciting for you my friend. Happy blogaversary, I will raise my glass of wine to you today:D

06/30/2010 · 18:56 h by Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

Congratulations on 3 years of blogging, Nuria! I am so glad to have known you for most of that time. I loved the interview – you are just awesome! HUGS

07/01/2010 · 9:08 h by Gill the Painter

very very nice indeed.

I do enjoy reading your blog, and the pictures are always stunning my end.

Well done you!

07/01/2010 · 17:53 h by Janet@Gourmettraveller88

Hi Nuria, happy anniversary : )

07/01/2010 · 21:18 h by Cara

Congrats of three years of beautifully delicious blogging! You are always an inspiration to me.

07/04/2010 · 20:38 h by FOODalogue

That’s a great interview! Congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for all the great dishes, photos and humor you provide to your readers.

07/12/2010 · 3:30 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

Congrats on reaching 3 years, and congrats on winning the World Cup! I spent the afternoon in a Spanish bar here in NYC and am pumped you guys won:-)

07/14/2010 · 13:52 h by Lori Lynn

The photos are awesome. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. Cannot wait to try that zucchini recipe!

07/18/2010 · 15:57 h by we are never full

we love you nuria! here’s to 3 more years! glad to have been there (almost from the beginning!) with you. one day we’ll meet you in person.

maybe one day you’ll adopt me and send me to summer camp in menorca!

07/28/2010 · 1:56 h by Portuguese Kitchen

The food looks great, I love snails, it’s been so long since I’ve had some.When I was a chold we had them all the time.

08/08/2010 · 10:50 h by pierre

3 years of blogging woouah !! that’s great ! bravo for all the recipes you have shared !! PIerre de Paris

08/21/2010 · 0:51 h by Alisa

You have a wonderful blog Nuria and for someone just learning how to cook Spanish recipes, your blog is a really big help! I look forward to more of your fantastic recipes.

11/19/2010 · 14:31 h by ALIMENTA

Felíz aniversario!
Un menú delicioso!!!!

01/12/2011 · 20:33 h by Mercè

Wow Núria!! Enhorabona!!! I moltes felicitats per aquests 3 anys de blog!!

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