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Love Potion # 10! – Event. Week’s diet recipes

Spring is here
and your love is near…
take this #10 potion
and get yourself in motion!!!

Poetry is not one of my hidden qualities, he he :D. But maybe I should mention that I prepared the potion this weekend and both my husband and I liked a lot… the freshness of the fruits, all of them aphrodisiacs (except the orange), our garden mint, the exotic cardamom, the cava and the brown sugar… we are bewitched!!!

This is my entry for the Fantabulous LeftoverQueen’s Monthly joust!!! … Really? You still don’t know about her? I can’t believe that… just follow the link and get a deep splash into the most creative recipes in the blogosphere :D

And now… do you have a date? Are you craving for some fresh and innovative soft summer drinks? Get your brain working, like I did with mine (totally invented recipe) and have a dip in spring/summer flavours!

Special dressing: The Searchers – Love potion number 9.
Photo published at Tastespotting!

Ingredients for two servings #10 love potion: 1 Mango, 3 oranges, 4 fresh mint springs, 15 cardamom seeds, 200 grs of strawberries, a spurt of wine vinegar, a sprinkle of black ground pepper, 4 table spoons of brown sugar, 50 grs of cava or champagne and 1 liter of water.

First.- Boil 1 liter of water. When it starts boiling add 3 cleaned mint springs, 2 brown sugar table spoons and 15 cardamom seeds. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Turn heat off. Keep infusioning for 10 minutes and cool down. When cold, place in a triangle-shaped plastic ice cube, add one mint leave in every compartment and have in the freezer.
Second.- Clean and cut in pieces the strawberries, place in the fridge inside a bowl with a spurt of wine vinegar, a sprinkle of black ground pepper and 1 table spoon of brown sugar. Have them in the fridge overnight. Place in a recipient and mix with the help of a food processor. Add the juice of one orange. Mix and insert in a stick-shaped plastic ice cube. Place in the freezer.
Third.- Place the mango (peeled) and the 2 oranges juices in a food processor. Mix. Add 1 table spoon of brown sugar, 50 grs of cava or champagne and mix well.

Serve in a tall glass the mango juice, add a couple or three strawberry sticks and 1 or two cardamom and mint ice triangles… and get ready to seduce your lover ♥♥♥. Enjoy :D

Now, concerning Weight Foodie Crusade diet recipes for this week…
find them hereunder. I don’t give much details because you can make them following your own taste and measures. The power point has the measures information you need to perform the meals. As soon as I can I will post about 3 or 4 of the recipes I mention in the diet. These will have all details, pictures and measures.


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04/21/2008 · 7:47 h by Peter G

Que gusto la bebida chica. Very fresh, and I imagine aromatic Nuria. A very worthy entry for the Joust. Good luck!

04/21/2008 · 9:13 h by Pixie

truly wonderful nuria, i’m enjoying everyone’s entry for this month- you are all so very creative!

04/21/2008 · 9:13 h by Peter M

Vodka would be grand in this cocktail….so would the calories!lol

04/21/2008 · 12:03 h by Núria

Thanks Peter! It was fun working with the different ice shapes… It was very refreshing and new. I normally don’t drink cocktails :D

Thanks a lot Pixie… by your words… aren’t you taking part?

I thought about Vodka, Rhum and Cointreau but didn’t have any… only cava… and it was good!!!!
Concerning calories, weekends are diet free, Chico :D

04/21/2008 · 12:08 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Great entry Nuria…The idea of a drink is great. Good Luck with the Joust!

04/21/2008 · 12:28 h by ley

Oooh! This looks sooo good!! I’m happy you joined the Joust with this- I know who Iiii’m voting for!! :D

04/21/2008 · 14:22 h by Bellini Valli

Now this Nuria is thinking on your feet:D What a great entry into the Joust…very inventive. Hold a glass for me I am headed on the first plane to Spain!!!!!

04/21/2008 · 14:44 h by Ann

Really delicious and refreshing!

04/21/2008 · 14:56 h by Ben

This is a great love potion, I must try it! Hehehe. Excellent entry for the joust. Good luck!

04/21/2008 · 18:13 h by Núria

Thanks so much Judy… let’s toast for that!!!! :D

Muchas Gracias Ley!

You cannot imagine how I would love that, Val!!!! Here’s the glass for you :D

Thanks Ann!!!

Gracias querido Ben! Un brindis por tí!!!

04/21/2008 · 18:24 h by bee

spring is here? where? i love love love this recipe though. spanish folk use cardamoms? i thought only indians and scandinavians do. we indians think only we use everything and the others are sadsacks. :D we’re pathetic.

04/21/2008 · 19:17 h by Meeta

Oh yes i agree with Peter – vodka would be good. But it is also simply gorgeous the way it is!

04/21/2008 · 19:22 h by giz

ok, ok, the weekend is over – the diet is in the forefront and the drink looks particularly appealing – I would love this while I flip through diet (ugh) recipes to get into better shape (just shoot me now)

04/21/2008 · 19:58 h by Ivy

What a wonderful and refreshing drink this is. Heard on T.V. that there is a lot of snow in Spain. Is that so? Good luck with the Joust.

04/21/2008 · 21:56 h by Susan from Food Blogga

I love the cheerful colors in that drink, Nuria. It must be so refreshing.

04/22/2008 · 8:23 h by Núria

Hola Bee! This was my first time using cardamom; I didn’t know how it looked!!!! Went to a herbs shop and bought the seeds and looked up for info in my beautiful herbs/spices book. Now I know all about cardamom!!!! As you indians do ;-)

Thanks so much darling Meeta :D. There’s a glass waiting for you here!

Hola Giz! I had it during the weekend, as well as… 2 beers!!!! I guess this is the reason why I lost such few grams!!!

Hola Ivy! The drink was super! I’ll repeat it in the hot summer days and might try with vodka, as Peter suggested.
Yes there’s some snow in the mountains (near the Pireneis). Good for us!!!

It was great Susan! A toast to you :D!!!

04/22/2008 · 16:46 h by bee

there are two types of cardamoms, green and black. which one did you use? the dark one is strong and pungent. the green one is sweet.

04/22/2008 · 19:22 h by Núria

Bee: when I asked for cardamom at the herbs shop they only offered me one: green seeds. I’m so glad it wasn’t the other type… the flavour would have been completely different!!!
Also, the book I looked at(that I mentioned you) didn’t speak about two different cardamoms. The book says they are good for digesting well, fungicide and antispasmodic and that in infusion combines well with mint.

I still have many seeds left and plan to use them like I did with the ice “cubes”. My husband took some for his Coca Cola too and liked it a lot!!!

Could you show me the black one? Have you made dishes with it?

04/22/2008 · 21:12 h by LisaRene

That was a fun idea for the joust :) I love a cocktail!

04/23/2008 · 7:05 h by Núria

Hi LisaRene! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D Thanks for your kind words… If you wanna drink… you know where I am ;-)

04/24/2008 · 19:25 h by Emiline

Yum! That looks refreshing. I’ll have to vote for you!

05/01/2008 · 14:26 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

YES, I have a date! :)
We are so going to try this soon sweetie – keep that honeymoon going, you know! ;)

05/01/2008 · 19:57 h by Núria

Yeah, you have the best date you could dream of, Jenn… :D :D

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