UMA Restaurant

As Louis Armstrong would say… Heaven, I’m in Heaven… Yes, that’s the feeling you get when you enter UMA Restaurant in Barcelona! Let me tell you everything about it :-).


Uma is a small Restaurant, there’s only space for 12 people. The decoration is cozy, creative, colorful, warm. Being so small, allows the Chef, Iker Erauzkin, to be 100% focused on the dishes, the food, the guests… because, in my opinion,  that is the aim of the owners; making you feel like a guest. The whole thing cannot be called anything else but a gastronomical experience (one of the best I had). Just from the moment you get there, Anna (the director) makes you feel so comfortable and special. She answers all your questions: food related, travel, history of the restaurant… makes you feel like family for a while! Then the first dish enters the scene and you are asked to have it in the kitchen where Iker waits and explains you what you are about to eat. So you get to see the kitchen and talk to the Chef while an explosion of delicious flavors take place in your mouth with that first bite!

UmaAnd the show just goes on and on. Dishes at UMA Restaurant will blow your mind with new shapes, ingredients, spices, flavors, creativity… it’s almost like a game where you find yourself waiting for the new dish with that desire and craving that provoques new and unknown things… those things that you eager to try for the first time and there’s such expectation… you will taste and enjoy surprise after surprise! Iker Erauzkin dishes will not disappoint you… you will have a Blast! He takes food to another level! Call UMA, try it and tell me about it!

We were so pleased with it that we already reserved a Halloween lunch when there’s a different menu and a bleeding heart is the main protagonist of the show!!! You will have to go to discover what I’m talking about ;-)

So, if you are a tourist in the city and want to know what to do in that neighborhood after an UMA lunch or before a dinner one, let me recommend you a few nearby essentials: The Magic Fountain in Montjuich, where you get to see a show of water shapes, lights and music. The Paralel Avenue, where lots of theaters, music and Burlesque shows take place. And finally, Poble Espanyol, where you will walk through typical Spanish buildings and village houses and will see lots of artisans performing their roles.

Iker Erauzkin at Uma

UMA Restaurant

Rossend Arús, 12 bis
Barcelona 08014


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