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Spanish Recipes 1st Bloggiversary!!!!!!!!

WELCOME TO MY ONE YEAR OLD BLOG!!! Thanks for dropping by :D. I’m so excited to share this with you all… and when I say this, I mean: a cocktail, some fiesta balloons and a handmade video where you will finally see my face! Taan!!!! Hear the drums?

I had a video made, but as you may have guessed it’s pat of the data inside my PC, so I managed to perform another video with photos, not the same, I know, because in this one I’m not singing… lol, but I wanted to show you all the face behind the cartoon :D

I’m so excited Spanish Recipes is one year old!!!! Please head to the terrace and have a drink: water melon+mango+rum, or vodka if you choose so.

Ok, let me tell you that I’ve been working like a maniac to have this ready for you on Friday :D. All my data is still in the Pc and it stays in the IUC (intensive unit care). I know I promised a Cava’s Sangria… but, I’m soooo sorry I didn’t have the time to prepare it, but the promise stays and maybe during August you’ll get it :D. I’ve been taking photos, editing recipe pictures, trying to get the movie together and of course there’s always problems… have you ever started something in a hurry and came out ok at first instance?

I’ve tried to make it funny… and silly! and informative in just one day… just hope you like it :D

Let me take a sip! Hey, don’t be shy, help yourself, there’s only three on the table but the kitchen counter is full of them!

Click my profile cartoon image to see the video. Thanks!

Hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday!!! I might be posting or I might be not, I might be cooking or I might not, I might be drinking cocktails by the pool, I might be having a great time, and I might be missing you all!!! I’m so happy I met you all… blogging and food has given my life a great switch ;-)

See you all in September for sure :D


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07/31/2008 · 19:34 h by bee

woohoo!!! happy birthday to lovely, fun blog. enjoy your break, dear nuria.

07/31/2008 · 19:53 h by Nathan

Happy 1st bloggiversary to you! Haha I would’ve loved to see a video of you sing haha. (I can’t sing haha)

Well hope to see many more wonderful recipes on here in the future :)

Oh and yum anything with rum is good!

07/31/2008 · 19:54 h by glamah16

What a party! So much good food in one year. Cute video. Nice to see the real Nuria behind the cartoon. Have a great vacation. If you tune in great, if not, no worries, see you in Sept.Here is to another year of great Spanish food.

07/31/2008 · 19:54 h by Ivy

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!!!!
Happy Bloggaversary Nuria. Mine’s next month and I am preparing a surprise as well, totally different, but I enjoyed every minutes of your video with the lovely music and food.
I’ve had all three of the sangrias and I”m going to the counter for some more :) (hiccup)
You look lovely Nuria. Don’t use the cartoon again please. Have a nice summer and enjoy yourself my friend.
I suppose we will all be away in August.

07/31/2008 · 20:10 h by Peter M

Nuria, you made my day! The video is cute, creative, hilarious and entertaining…very much like the hostess of this blog.

Congratulations on a year of great food and entertaining us with your sample of Spanish cuisine..MWAH!

07/31/2008 · 20:49 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Yay! You’re officially one. That’s cause for celebration indeed. I’ll look forward to your video, but in the meantime, have a fabulous holiday!

07/31/2008 · 20:51 h by Peter G

Feliz compleanos Nuria! What a great celebration…mas sangria for me por favor! And finally we get to see your beautiful face…please don’t hide behind the cartoon again. I lok forward to seeing more of your delicious treats in the near future…Buena suerte!

07/31/2008 · 21:31 h by Laurie Constantino

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Spanish recipes, one of the blogosphere’s best! Nuria, you do such a wonderful job with the blog and have shown yourself to be a good, kind, thoughtful, and funny person. I really loved the video – great music and great food pictures. Plus, you win the prize for best use of kitchen tools – I particularly liked the tongs as eyeglasses! Great job all the way around – you have a lot to feel proud about. Enjoy your August vacation to the hilt and thanks ever so for the very tasty party drinks!

07/31/2008 · 21:45 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

WOW!!!! I am so excited NURIA! I finally get to see the real you! You are just as cute as I thought you would be. I can tell from your video how mischievous you are! ;)
I hope later when your PC is out of ICU you will sing for us!

07/31/2008 · 22:56 h by Elly

Nuria, you are just as cute as I imagined you! Love the video (and the song!). Congrats on your 1st bloggiversary. Here’s to many more!

07/31/2008 · 23:31 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Happy Bloggiversary!!! I loved the video Nuria…you are just too cute!

Thanks for the drink too, I really needed it!

08/01/2008 · 2:46 h by Emiline

Happy Blogiversary!

08/01/2008 · 2:47 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

Happy Bloggaversary! Here’s looking forward to the next year full of delicious Spanish recipes!

08/01/2008 · 8:17 h by linda

Happy 1st blog anniversary! Sorry about your pc!

08/01/2008 · 17:33 h by katiez

Oy GUAPA! Molt be !!!! (Did I spell that right?)
Wonderful!! Marvelous!!
I have some of those same dishes!!!

Happy, Happy Blogiversary!!!
And thanks for the drink…YUM!!!
Have a great summer holiday….

08/02/2008 · 22:00 h by Psychgrad

Happy birthday Spanish Recipes! Really cute video Nuria. It looks like you put a lot of work into it. I think we need some more sangria here – Ivy stole my glass! :)

08/03/2008 · 13:04 h by Bellini Valli

I absolutely LOVED the video Nuria. You are just so creative with your blog and the foods that come from your kitchen. Happy Bloggiversary and I’ll look forward to another year of great things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08/04/2008 · 0:51 h by Heather

Cumpleaños feliz, Guapita! You are so cute and funny posing with those kitchen tools.

I’m drinking a fruity cocktail on your patio to celebrate your bloggiversary. Cin Cin!

08/05/2008 · 15:38 h by Mallory Elise

wooo hoo one year! i love it how we all have parties for our, ehem blogs. people need to understand that they are like our children! or right arm, one of the two.

love your video, im happy to have met you too in internet land! happy summer!!


08/05/2008 · 18:24 h by Jonny

Felicitaciones y feliz primero blog-e-anos Nuria!!

have a wonderful break and please come back refreshed and inspired with more recetas Espanoles!

08/06/2008 · 10:22 h by canarygirl

Happy Blogiversary!!! El video está genial, guapaaaaaa!

08/07/2008 · 2:48 h by giz

What fun!!! Happy blogiversary. Great job on the video and of course we’ve enjoyed the amazing food all year.

Keep the drinks coming :)

08/12/2008 · 14:22 h by Cynthia

Congratulations and here’s to many more blog birthdays!

08/13/2008 · 15:15 h by Denise

Great video and your doggie is the best….I have one just him and he is in my blog all the time!

Happy Bloggiversary!


08/15/2008 · 16:23 h by Familia

I love the video, and the food all looks wonderful and you are muy guapa! and I’d love one of those cocktails!

08/15/2008 · 20:33 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Gah, Nuria, my google reader isn’t reading you right now. Boooohoooo!

I miss you terribly!

Wonderful, wonderful video party! I also finally passed on my lovely awards. Come see when your PC is better.

Muchas besas! (was that right? Ugh, my Espanol is terrible).

08/18/2008 · 20:11 h by Bellini Valli

Congratulations once again Nuria. I have passed a little something your way. You can share it is you wish or just covet it and know you are appreciated:D

08/19/2008 · 5:59 h by Mallory Elise

Anthony Bourdain was in Barcelona tonight!!!!

08/19/2008 · 18:35 h by Núria

THANK YOU ALL for being here helping me to drink all those cocktails ;D

I’ll leave personal messages to you all a.s.a. I get back home. Meanwhile, I’m here at the end of the world with 53 Kbits/s (internet speed)… I’m forced to take things easily, it takes ages to download blog pages, so I gave up and just take life easy!!!

Thanks for your comments on the video, I appreciate it :D!
Hope you are having a great summer time with lots of piña coladas by the pool ;D or just anything that makes you happy. Love you all :D. See you soon!!!

08/22/2008 · 14:49 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Hey Nuria-hope you are enjoying your vacation. When you get back there is an award for you over on my blog.

08/25/2008 · 0:53 h by Passionate About Baking

Happy blogversary Nuria…sorry I got here after the party was over….will try & be here on time next here. Here’s to another year of wonderful blogging!! Cheers Deeba

08/26/2008 · 11:42 h by Ivana


08/30/2008 · 13:46 h by Katie

Happy Bloggiversary! I love the picture with all the colorful balloons :)

08/31/2008 · 9:18 h by Núria

Bee, thanks for dropping by! Chin Chin and Cheers!

Hey Nathan! Thanks darling :D. Salud y por muchos años to you two!

Hola Courtney! Thanks for the good wishes darling! I charged my batteries and here I am ready for the foodies’ day to day “battle” :D

He, he, he… Ivy! You were so funny here! So glad you liked the beveradges ;D. I’m finally back and eventhough is late I will go and take a look at your bloggiversary post this comming week… I wouldn’t miss that for anything!!!! See you♥

Hola Peter! Thanks so much darling! Preparing the video was so much fun! I’ll see you in short! Can’t wait to see your suitcase full of greek surprises :D

Thanks so much Susan! Happy summer to you too!

Hola querido Peter! Thanks for your always nice and sweet words! See you so soon!!!!

Wow Laurie!!! Those words made my fly!!!! I will treasure them! Thanks soooo much! It’s been wonderful to know you too♥ I’ll be going to your place in short, see you then sweetheart!

Hola Guapísima Jenn! Thanks so much for dropping by and for such nice words ;D. I had to look for the meaning of mischievous… yeap! Siiii, I’m a bit “traviesa” it’s nice to add some pepper to life (you are this kind too, am I wrong?) See you soon, darling!

Thanks so much darling Elly!!! See you soon! It’s high time to go back to the arena… he, he!

Hola Judy! Thank you sweettie for dropping by! See you in short!

Hola Miss SweetCakes! Thanks so much for dropping by Emiline! I’ll come and visit you shortly.

Hey Eating Club! Thanks a lot for comming over to the party! See you soon :D

Hola Linda! Thanks for the good wishes and for comming over! My PC’s funeral took place this week! Just kidding… but I lost all data!!!

Hola Katie! He, he, Thanks for comming over to the party!!! I bet you have this same dishes… we should get together one day and share culinary knowledge!!!! Molt be noia! Your catalan is perfect :D

Hola Psychgrad! He, he, more cocktails on demand, just ask and your wishes will come true!!! Thanks so much for comming over, darling!

Valli!!! Thanks sooooo much sweetie for being there all the time and for the good wishes!!! Smuack smuack! See you in short♥

Cin Cin and cheers to you too Heather! You do look tremendously guapa in that picture!!!
Thanks for the good wishes! I’ll visit your place next week sweetheart!

Bisous to you too Mallory! Thanks for dropping by! And for being there! I do love the fact that I met you too! See you soon guapa!

Hola Jonny… and Amy! Thanks for the good wishes queridos♥ I’m going back to the “arena”, see you soon!

Graaaaaaaaciassssss Nikki!!! Great you enjoyed it! See you in short querida!

Hola Giz! Thanks so much querida! More fresh drinks in the kitchen counter!!! He, he, see you soon!

Cynthia, Thanks a lot darling! I’m ready to start a new year with full energy :D

Hey Denise! Welcome to Spanish Recipes!!! Thanks for your nice words! My doggie is a “she”… maybe we should make them meet each other! I’ll visit your blog in short to know more about you… meanwhile, cheers!

Hola Familia! Muchas gracias for your nice words and for dropping by! I’m finally back home and with my batteries charged! Will visit you shortly!!!

Jen, your Spanish is not that terrible! Muchos besos to you too!!! Thanks so much for dropping by so glad you enjoyed the party♥ See you soon sweetie!

Valli… you are too sweet! I’ll see what it is and be back to you. Thanks querida!

Mallory! I didn’t know who he was! I had to make a google search… never saw his program… ahhhhh I wish I could… My Tv channels are kind of Jurasic for you Americans (only 20 channels to choose) Will you tell me about it when he talks about Barcelona? Thanks for the info!

Woweeeee! Judy, thanks a lot… OMG! I’ll be there in no time! Smuack!

Welcome to Spanish Recipes Deeba! Thanks so much for the good wishes and there will always be a cocktail for you waiting in the fridge ;D. Happy summer!

Hola Ivana, welcome to Spanish Recipes! Thanks for your good wishes :D

Hola Katie! Thank you darling! See you soon!

09/02/2008 · 18:11 h by farida

Happy Blogiversary! Wishing you many more years of blogging!

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