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Dream Spanish Road Trip

Now that Summer is right by the corner… now that the swallows’ shrieks fill the air, now that everybody is thinking about their next summer vacation… I want to ask you something: What do you carry with you when you go away on a Road trip? The space in the car is limited but you don’t want to be cold if nights get chilly and you don’t want to leave your swimming suit behind. So, what would be your 5 top list for a Dream Spanish Road Trip?

I’m gonna tell you my top 5 right now:

  1. My Camera (I might forget my husband but never my Nikon ;-)
  2. My Travelers NoteBook. I use it every night to write about the day and to glue the most interesting pictures and tickets and memorabilia.
  3. My Picnic basket. Love it, love it, love it… you never know where you will stop and if a restaurant will be right there when you start feeling hungry.
  4. A paper Map (Gps is great, but I just love the feel of the map on my knees while driving and seeing the whole region in front of me).
  5. A good BIG book to read by the pool, by the lake, by the mountains, by the sea… any place is good to have a read :-)

Costa Brava

These are my top 5, not only for a Dream Spanish Road Trip, but also for traveling anywhere else around the world! So, use your imagination and travel with me to Costa Brava and have a small bite of the Camí de Ronda, which is a beautiful walking path that goes parallel to the sea from village to village and you get to see this awesome breathtaking landscapes.

We chose the Hotel Cala del Pi near Platja d’Aro and from there we walked the path towards the north and down the south. It’s a fantastic hotel with its own cosy beach, a spa space and spectacular service and rooms. If you choose it for your vacation you won’t be disappointed!

Tossa de Mar

Narrow, stone paved streets will take you back in time and when reaching the highest spot in the Defense Wall you will have the most beautiful view of the village and the sea. This is one of the Tossa de Mar old streets. You will find many Restaurants in Tossa and I’m positive that the food will be delicious, but my recommendation is that you take the car and head to Llagostera (small village, leaving the seaside behind) and try the Els Tinars Restaurant with one Michelin Star and a great assortment of dishes.

Costa brava

Enjoy your Road Trip!!! Dream about it and make it come true :-)

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01/31/2017 · 19:21 h by Vivian Toscano

Loved your site recipes will be welcomed. Loved the wine selection and hotels and places to go.

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