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Pigeon a la Royale


Meat & poultry

Pigeon à la Royale

There's some recipes that come from way back in history, belong to other centuries, belong to other countries... that is what happens with Pigeon à la Royale! First of all, it's one of those plates that a king would have on his table, right? A French king? Yes, that would ...




Food Photography

Another way to understand and see Food Photography! This is my self portrait collection: Organic. I emulate the sun and the earth. I am source of energy and I am the soil that nourishes the food. Food Photography seems to ...

hotel w barcelona



Restaurant Bravo 24 Barcelona

Sometimes my husband still surprises me :D. Guess where we went for lunch? At the W Barcelona Hotel's Restaurant: Bravo 24. An awesome experience... we played the tourist role... admired the City views, tasted the flavours of the sea, had a wonderful lunch! So, I highly ...


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins | Fruits

Figs and Vanilla Ice cream

If you ask me which fruit is my favorite, I will tell you that figs are. If you ask me which dessert is my favorite, I will tell you Ice creams are. And if you ask me what would I do in Madagascar... I will tell you: no ...



The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

Here is my new book recommendation: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine. If you know or have heard of  the beautiful, awesome, stunning Modernist Cuisine collection, now it's the time to reserve the new Photography book. It will be launched in October 2013. I'm completely sure it will be ...


Meat & poultry

Roasted Chicken on beer can

Like a Sumo guy ready for the battle, like an astronaut waiting for the ignition of the rocket, like a king in its throne... this chicken will give its best in this recipe! If you have never heard of it, you are probably making funny faces to the screen right ...



Welcome to Spanish Recipes by Núria

Bring on that pecan pie! Pour some sugar On it sugar Don't be shy. Scoop me up A mess of that Chocolate swirl. Don't be stingy I'm a growing girl I offer Delicious Spanish recipes With no apology. How can I deny the world The most of ...

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