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Garbanzos con Chorizo

Chorizo, in Spanish, has two meanings; this is what our dictionary says:
Chorizo: A short piece of tripe, usually stuffed with marinated and minced pork meat that it’s cured with smoke.
Chorizo/za: Thief, robber.

I will talk about the first one. As you see in the picture, there’s many kinds of Chorizos; nearly each Spanish region has its own. They can be moist and tender, spicy and hot or mild, cured with smoke or just hanged and dried in a dark and dry environment. You can either cook them or just eat them with some bread as a sandwich or use them for a tapa.

In the picture the thicker and short one is a dry Iberic Chorizo (the meat used for stuffing was from acorn feeded hogs). We use this one for sandwiches with rubbed tomatoe on top and good extra virgin olive oil. Also as a tapa cut in dices. The one over passing the plate is a tender and spicy non smoked cured chorizo (a joker in the chorizos world). I use this one when I cook my stew lentils. The folded one is called Chorizo Sarta, it has a shorter curing period and it can be both spicy or not. I also use it for stews and as a tapa. And the shorter ones have been used forthis recipe: fried a bit. These kind of chorizo is mild and moist and it goes well with many dishes. There’s many other kinds of chorizos that I’m not showing you here… another post…

And now, lets put our aprons on and head to the kitchen!!! This is a quick recipe for Garbanzos con Chorizo:


This is such an easy, simple and tasty dish... a winner! And it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes:
1.- Open a 400 grs. garbanzos can, strain and wash under the tap water, reserve.
2.- Open a "Pimientos del piquillo" can and take 4 to 6 peppers, strain, dry and cut in pieces.
3.- Fry a big red chopped onion in a saucepan at medium heat with a bit of olive oil and add a minced garlic clove, when the onion gets transparent add the peeled chorizo (250 grs.) cut in dices or thick slices, stir for 2 to 3 minutes.
4.- Place the chorizo sofrito on a bowl or a tapa earthenware dish. Add the garbanzos and mix it all. Pour some drops of Jerez vinegar on top, salt, black ground pepper and a bit of olive oil. Stir it all and head to the lunch table... your guests are waiting!!!!


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04/07/2008 · 11:56 h by Peter G

Que simplicidad! (hmm..I’m not sure thats a word…desculpa mi espanol es muy mallo Nuria). I love the ease of this. Lunch does not take long to prepare if you cook like this. I love chorizo amiga!

04/07/2008 · 13:27 h by Bellini Valli

Such a flavourful dish Nuria. I know there are many delicious chorizo’s out there I just have to find them in my area.

04/07/2008 · 13:30 h by Peter M

The long, thick middle one and the folded one are what I’ve used this far.

It’s such a miracle ingredient…even giving the bland garbanzo flavourm as you have in this dish, mon chica!

04/07/2008 · 16:57 h by Psychgrad

I have yet to cook with chorizo. Thanks for the lesson!

04/07/2008 · 17:55 h by Núria

Hola Peter! I wish I knew in Greek same words you know in Spanish!!! Everything you said it was ok, excep malo (just one l) and disculpa with i… rather than that you make it very good :D

It’s great to make a quick and simple dish once in a while ;-)

Yeah, Val, it gives tones of flavour to the dishes… but my husband is the chorizo-lover, not me ;-) (lots of fat!!!)

Yes Peter it’s always better to stew the garbanzos with the chorizo, but I wanted a quick one ;-)You are such a openpalated je, je, je

Hey Psychgrad! Nice meeting you!!!! No problem, more chorizo recipes to come :D. Maybe you find one that fits your cooking taste ;)

04/07/2008 · 20:21 h by Ivy

I’ve never had chorizo before but I keep seeing it in various blogs. Sounds very good and it’s nice to cook simple recipes once in a while.

04/07/2008 · 22:56 h by we are never full

you go girl! i promise to order something SOON (seriously, I promise!). not to mention you know how chorizo makes me crazy! i love this post. and i love love love CHORIZO in all forms. never knew it also meant theif!? what’s that from? is it slang?


04/08/2008 · 0:12 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

I love the colors in this dish Nuria! My hubby loves chorizo but I never really thought of making a full meal using it!

04/08/2008 · 0:22 h by giz

I should use chorizo in my paella -I’m sure it would give it a whole different flavour than the Italian hot that I’ve been using.

04/08/2008 · 5:47 h by Pixie

Hola Nuria, me gusta chorizo mucho. Yo quiero chorizo pronto. lol sorry, i don’t think all those spanish lessons I took ever stuck in my head! Looks great sweetie.

04/08/2008 · 6:35 h by Laurie Constantino

Nuria, that was very educational. I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of Spanish chorizo, and I’m very glad to learn about them. Plus the recipe looks wonderful!

04/08/2008 · 7:17 h by Núria

Hola Ivy! Wow, I thought I was confused…. didn’t recognize you in that new picture… you look sooooo guapa!!!! Chorizo is not that expensive, if you know what I mean ;-)

Hola Spanish-food-lover!!! He, he, Amy, I knew you would leave a comment here :D. It’s not slang, it shows in the dictionary, but it’s a word that “high class” people won’t use.

Hey Judy, high time you impress your hubby with a chorizo dish :D!!!

You know Giz, I never used chorizo in my paella, but a veggies and chorizo one sounds magnific to me!!!!

Hola Pixie! You do it really well, just change the order of the words, which makes it sound a bit funny, but I understand :D Thanks for the effort!!! ;-)

Thanks Laurie! I only had budget for these ones, but as I said there’s many more!!!

04/08/2008 · 7:20 h by canarygirl

Ay, chorizo…qué cosa mas rica has preparado, Núria!!! Lo voy a hacer, seguro.

There really is such a variety of Spanish chorizos, isn’t there? We have soft, spreadable chorizos made here in the islands, too, then there’s Iberian, Galician, Asturian, from Pamplona….each has it’s own virtues. :)

Excellent recipe, Núria! :)

04/08/2008 · 11:07 h by Núria

Hey Nikki! Thanks so much and welcome :D
… you forgot Riojano… je, je, je… sí, sí, there’s plenty of them!!!!
Enjoy the dish!!!

04/08/2008 · 14:19 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That chorizo looks great! I just had some this weekend at a Columbian restaurant and it was so tender and falvorful! I bet yours is BETTER!

04/08/2008 · 15:55 h by Núria

Hola Sweet Jenn! Thank you! Before I got into the foodies world I thought that nobody apart from Spaniards knew about chorizo… and so far from reality!!!!!

04/09/2008 · 2:44 h by Cynthia

Can I invite myself over for some? :)

04/09/2008 · 7:09 h by Núria

You are welcome Cynthia!!! There’s plenty for everybody!!!

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