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Red Potatoes – Potatoes Rioja – Style

Special dressing: Genious of soul (turn player on).

I hope you can find chorizo (red spiced sausage) wherever you live… because it would not be the same with other charcuturie “sausages”. Chorizo is the soul of this dish. Here in Spain, nearly every region has its own kind of chorizo, you can find it in Asturias, Extremadura, Salamanca, La Rioja, and more. So, any of them will be ok for this recipe, just make sure it can be cooked and then chose it spicy or not (there’s different grades). Mine was from La Rioja and a bit spicy.

The 3 Kings thought I was a good girl and the morning of the 6th I found some gifts for me being one of them this Wonderful Recipes book – La Cuina Salvavides – from Mireia Carbó, she is a catalan cook but this recipe, with some small differences is from La Rioja, one of those traditional, old, simple and tasty recipes.

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 kg of potatoes, 150 grs of chorizo, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, ½ big red pepper, 2 dried red peppers (ñoras) or 1 tsp hot paprika, olive oil and salt.

•First of all, cut the dried red peppers in half, take the seeds away and place in a hot water bowl to get them moisturized for a while.
•Slice the chorizo and reserve.

•Peel and wash the potatoes. Halve the potatoes by piercing each one with the point of the knife and pulling it apart with the hands. This method eases the release of the starch, which will made the sauce thicker and smoother. Reserve.
•Peel and cut the onion, the garlic and red pepper in small pieces and let cook with generous olive oil spurt at medium/low heat. When ready (onion is transparent) add the chorizo and stir for 1 minute.

•Take the dried red peppers out of the bowl and with a spoon get the meat they have inside adhered to the skin.
•Put the potatoes into the cacerole stirring them around so that they don’t get stick to the bottom and pour some hot water. The water should almost cover them. Add the red dried peppers meat and stir.

•Add some salt, bearing in mind that the chorizo might have some already.
•When it starts boiling, turn heat down and cover the cacerole so that ingredients cook very slowly for almost half an hour or until the potatoes are soft.
•This dish is better if cooked in the morning/lunch time and eaten at night! Or reserve it for next day’s lunch.

These are perfect for cold days!!! Hope you enjoy them.


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01/08/2008 · 12:15 h by Peter M

Hola Nuria!

I love patates (that’s what us Greeks call them too) and yes, we have chorizo.

Your using the cooked typed right?

01/08/2008 · 14:10 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Do you mean if I copied the english words of the recipe? Yes I did!!!
Let me explain, I used two different sources for this rec. ONe Mireia Carbó, the catalan cook which only writes in catalan and a second one that’s a compilation of spanish recipes and it has them translated in english! It didn’t sound like me, right?
This second book is not mine, I took it from the library for a while, copied some recipes, and gave it back. But it helps me a lot with vocabulary… and I guess that for you is better, isn’t it?

01/08/2008 · 17:50 h by Toni

Hola Nuria – Just found your blog today. This dish is so similar to one my boyfriend made for me a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we have chorizo here in the southwest part of the U.S. Lots of it!

I adored the food in Spain, and am looking forward to reading more of your recipes!

01/08/2008 · 20:13 h by Núria

Hi Toni! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I adore comments!
Great you like the recipe and the blog. It’s just what I need to keep it on and improve it!

Salud, Cheers!

01/08/2008 · 20:14 h by Peter M

Nuria, I meant to ask about chorizo…there’s the kind that’s already cooked and the other that you buy raw and cook..which one did you use here?

01/09/2008 · 8:22 h by Núria

Good morning Peter! I missunderstood your words!

About chorizo, we have two main kinds: the raw one (which has preservatives and additives) usually used for Barbaques.
And the cured/smoked one. These are made with the raw ingredients, left marinated, and after they are filled and hung to get dry or smoked. I don’t know if you consider this ones cooked… I don’t. But this is the kind I used the dryed and tender one.
If you want to know more… then each region has different ingredients (playing with basics) and the eviroment to dry or smoke them is also different so this gives another aspect to chorizos depending from where they are.
Hope this helps.

01/09/2008 · 15:45 h by Bellini Valli

You know I can’t pass up a potato dish Nuria! I can get Chorizo at the local Italian supermarket…I’d have to say they sell other foods besides Italian specialties!

01/09/2008 · 18:27 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Oh man, I am going to have to make this for Roberto – he is obsessed with potatoes and I adore Chorizo!But I never knew there were so many types! So this is a perfect dish.

01/09/2008 · 19:02 h by Núria

Hi Val! you know what? I made this one thinking of you, because when I read your post saying you loved potatoes this recipe came to my mind. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Hola Jenn! Roberto is like my man, then… you should have seen what a big plate he ate!!! It’s sooooo savory! Hope you enjoy it too!!!!

01/10/2008 · 9:11 h by Mallory Elise

mmmmm anything with potatoes…i don’t think ive ever had chorizo. when i come to spain! speaking of Barcelona—i am visiting a friend in just under a month! what is the restaurant and dish I ABSOLUTELY cannot miss out on?

01/10/2008 · 10:21 h by Emiline

Your food sounds so comforting. I have yet to turn down a potato.
The chorizo sounds wonderful, paired with potatoes. I can actually find chorizo!

01/10/2008 · 13:43 h by Núria

Hi Mallory! I can recomend some good restaurants to you but I would like to know about your budget, depending on that I can give you a list of my favourites… I must say I’ve been around for a while and have a good eye and a good palate… so, you can trust me! However, if you want a wider view, Time Out is on kiosks from today on!!!

01/10/2008 · 13:44 h by Núria

Thanks Emiline! Yes, potatoes and chorizo is one of my favourites and so good for cold days!

04/19/2009 · 20:46 h by David

I am having difficulty finding Noras Pepper’s is there a substitute that I can use? I am looking forward to preparing this, it was one of my favorite dishes at a small family owned restaurant in Madrid.

04/20/2009 · 18:20 h by Núria

Hola David and welcome to this blog :D. Pimiento choricero would be nice too; it’s similar to Ñora but larger. If you also have difficulties finding this, then I recomend you to look for the preserved and canned peppers meat. Here in Spain you can find it in nearly every supermarket… but I don’t know if you have it at hand! Hope this helps.

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