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About cooking classes, Bloggers and Awards.

This week I've been a bit absent in your blogs. I feel sorry about it :( It's been a crazy week! Lots of new things to be done! Cooking classes to attend! Yes, you heard perfectly well... cooking classes! And you will immediately think... Ain't this "girl" ...


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Green Peas with Egg and Bacon

Special dressing: Cabaret. Money makes the world go round (turn player on)Green on white. White on green, the colours of my blog. Green peas... Greenpeace... Please, let the green govern us! How can we make it this time? How can we continue being advanced, modern, fast, ...


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Caldo Gallego with Gigantes. A Greek Legume for a Spanish Dish.

Gigantes is the name of these huge white Beans I got from my foodie friend Ivy from Kopiaste, straight from Athens! We made a package foodie exchange and will post about the rest of the wonderful Greek foods she sent me very soon!Back to the ...


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Garbanzos con Chorizo

Chorizo, in Spanish, has two meanings; this is what our dictionary says: Chorizo: A short piece of tripe, usually stuffed with marinated and minced pork meat that it's cured with smoke. Chorizo/za: Thief, robber. I will talk about the first one. As you see in the ...


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ALIMENTARIA – International participation – Human-vultures and other species

This last Friday I visited Alimentaria at Gran Via's site. The fair is sooooo big that it has been divided into two huge Areas: Monday I visited the Plaza España fair and Friday I went to Gran Via. It's a new business space in Barcelona... some ...


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Fabada Asturiana

Special dressing: Isaac AlbenizMy husband's grandparents were both from Asturias. Back to the days when they were young, life was very hard in Spain but even harder in small villages and in certain Spanish regions. Asturias was one of these regions: people would leave their home ...


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Fabes con Almejas – Food Event

This recipe is original from Asturias, a wonderful region here in the north of Spain, and I really mean Full of Wonder! Because their meals are exceptional, their landscapes are breathtaking, and their milk and cows are the best! Not to mention its Cider... ...


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Pork Cheeks with White Beans – Food Event

Special dressing: Joan Baez (I adore her voice) A tribute to my grandmother.Here in Spain it's said that we don't throw anything away from the pork. And it's so true! Here you have a dish made out of its cheeks. This meat can be the ...


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Aromatic Lentils Purée with Eggplant Sticks

Special dressing: Frank Sinatra; found him very appropriate since lentils are quite my way!Here is my month's entry for the February Joust at Jenn DiPiazza's blog, for those of you who still don't know who Jenn is, she is the Fantabulous owner of the foodie ...


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Stew Lentils

•Ingredients for 4 persons: 2 carrots, 3 onions, 2 tomatoes, 1 green pepper, some green beans and a garlic’s head.•2 pork sausages, 200grs. of cured ham, 200 grs. of bacon, one leg ham bone. 300grs Lentils. Water and olive oil.•Also you will need Chorizo picante. It’s a ...

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