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Riñones al Jerez – Jerez Kidneys

Would you dare to try some Riñones al Jerez? I’m sure not everybody will crave for some kidneys for lunch or dinner… but… there’s always a but, this is such a delicious dish! However, is very important to buy fresh Veal or Lamb kidneys. The younger and fresher the animal is the better.

Also, this kind of meat needs a deep cleaning; we all know what is the function of the kidneys, so when washing and cleaning them you might feel a funny smell at first. But if you follow all the instructions you will discover a new flavour and texture.

You can have them as a tapa with good slices of bread or as a main dish, that is up to you! This was my entry for Emiline’s Pub Crawl, but I couldn’t make it on time. Anyway, if you are a sweets addict and can’t live without a cake in your fridge then go to Visions of Sugar Plum and have fun!!!


And if you try it and find to like it, there’s more recipes with… liver, tongue, feet… he, he, he, as many as you can imagine.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 500 grs. of veal or lamb kidneys, a small red onion, 2 green onions, 2 garlic cloves, 2 flour tea spoons, 1 small cup of water, 1 small cup of Jerez wine, 1/2 tea spoon of sweet red ground pepper, a bit of black pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and 1 small chile.

I'll try to upload a power point in short.

Cut the kidneys in slices and place in a recipient with 1 glass of water and a bunch of salt and 2 dl of vinegar. Leave it for 15 minutes.
Strain and place in a pot over the steamer. Add water to the pot and make it boil, let the kidneys sweat for 10 minutes aprox.

Strain again and have them under the cold pouring tap water. Let them there while you prepare a dressing with a mortar: Place the salt first to avoid having jumping garlics all over the place, slice the garlics and the parsley and smash until you get a compact mass.

Get some olive oil in a saucepan, add the sliced onion and green onion. When it gets transparent, add the kidneys and stir for a minute. Add the red and black pepper, the chile and the flour, keep on stirring at medium heat. When it gets thick, add the water and the mortar mass. Stir and let it cook for 8 minutes.

Stir, turn heat off and pour the Jerez on top just before serving the kidneys.


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03/21/2008 · 1:56 h by Ben

I’ll have to pass this time my dear Nuria. I bet they are delicious and I bet you make them just wonderful. But they are kidneys. hehe. That thought would be in my mind with every bite I’d take.


03/21/2008 · 9:25 h by Laurie Constantino

This sounds very good, although I wouldn’t have thought so a couple years ago. For my cookbook, I needed to put in a kidney recipe, which meant I had to test it. When it was done, I could barely stand to put it in my mouth just thinking about kidneys. But when I tasted it, I was amazed — it was incredibly tasty. I’m assuming Jerez is a kind of sherry, is that right? I think I need to try this (when Lent is over next month…). Thanks for a tasty treat!

03/21/2008 · 15:51 h by Núria

Oh Ben! You should give them a chance!!! It’s not monkey brain or fried insects… just some kidneys!!! He, he, sorry darling, but maybe one day you change your mind and discover that they taste great!

Hi dear Laurie! So glad I have a kidneys colleague in you! And yes Jerez is a sherry typical from Andalucía (South of Spain), a dry one. If you finally cook them, will you let me know what you think? Salud!

03/21/2008 · 16:57 h by Heather

I really like offal, and I know what you mean about cleaning properly. Can you soak the kidneys in milk to clean them?

Livers are my favorite. I wanted to eat some liver and kidneys from a pronghorn (like a deer or antelope) that my friend shot, but it was from a place that has pollution (near a strip mining operation), and it was unsafe to eat because of selenium. :(

03/21/2008 · 21:24 h by Jonny

hola Nuria!

they look delicious! we’ll have to try your recipe. We’ve not made any kidneys in a while but we’re big fans. In fact, last time we made them we made them in a similar way to you, but used cognac instead of jerez.

I was also interested to read about your technique of cleaning them. I’ve not heard of that before and will definitely try it next time. We usually just soak them in milk.

We also made kidneys with an avocado sauce, which we first had in a restaurant in banyuls-sur-mer (just across the border from Catalunya!). Check it out here: When Life Gives You Veal Kidneys

03/22/2008 · 1:50 h by Peter M

Nuria darling, the meal is plated elegantly, simply and despite my distaste of kidneys, I would take a bite…just because YOU made it, ok?

03/22/2008 · 8:34 h by Mallory Elise

belle belle belle. mm meat. i’ve never had kidneys. i want some though.

Nuria i keep getting spam comments, what should i do!

03/22/2008 · 19:38 h by Emiline

Aw, thanks darlin. You did a great job. I’ve never had kidney before. I think I would try it, but I’m not sure if I’d like it.

03/23/2008 · 16:48 h by Gloria

Hola Nuria, Cómo estas?? quería desearte unas muy Felices Pascuas de Resurrección! Gloria

03/23/2008 · 17:23 h by Ivy

Hope you’ve had a great Easter time. I am not really a fan of kidneys but if they were homemade like yours, I would give them a try.

03/24/2008 · 9:59 h by Núria

Hola a todos, a tutti, everyone! Finally I’m back home with a good internet connection!!! I’m planning to sit in front of the computer for the whole day! By this evening I will have increased one size my trousers ;-)

Hola Heather! How horrible about Selenium! It looks as if you live near the Wild!!!
I love kidneys but I’m not a big fun of big livers… maybe I have child trauma: my mom obliged us to eat veal liver once a week – prescribed by the doctor – when we were kids.
Never heard about soaking it in milk!!!!

Hi Jonny!
Yes you can also make them with cognac and lots of garlics and parsley… MMmmmm delicious that way too!
As I told Heather never heard about the milk technique!
Thanks for the link :D

Ok Peter… One for the mom, one for the dad and one for Peter :D

Mallory! I don’t know what you mean about this spam thing! I’ll email you to clear this out.

A big Hug for you Emiline! YOu might like them, they are really good!

Muchas gracias Gloria! Igualmente! Ya están aquí nuestra familia medio Chilena. Estamos muy contentos :D :D :D

Hola Ivy. Thanks for the postcard! YOu would like them for sure, you have a well trained palate :D

10/22/2009 · 17:44 h by Wade

I came to love kidneys when my Spanish girlfriend cooked them in much the same way as your recipe. Alas, the girlfriend is gone but my taste for well prepared kidneys remains.

05/10/2012 · 14:39 h by Anonymous

I made this dish in our class yesterday I cleaned it by removing the dark red thing until the web like tissue is visible then toss it with salt and rinse in water i did that method for 5 times and still there’s this funky smell, i soaked it in brandy then soaked it in iced water, finally that funky smell was gone somehow, hehe.. Saute the kidneys with butter and prepared portwine demiglace sauce with cream and mushroom for it. Really nice dish. :)

01/30/2016 · 15:01 h by Phil

Delicious served on rounds of fried bread and finished off with Double Cream i always have this dish when in Vigo

05/17/2019 · 19:10 h by Stephen

Outstanding dish, first ( second and third) time experienced in Palma Majorca. I cook them as a treat for myself as my wife will not touch them. With mushrooms and cream added sounds exquisite

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