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Empanada de Chorizo

Have you ever heard of Empanada gallega? Do you know that there's a sculpture of the XII century that shows this dish in the Santiago de Compostela's Cathedral? This is a Traditional dish that has arrived to our days in a perfect shape and taste ...


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Caldo Gallego with Gigantes. A Greek Legume for a Spanish Dish.

Gigantes is the name of these huge white Beans I got from my foodie friend Ivy from Kopiaste, straight from Athens! We made a package foodie exchange and will post about the rest of the wonderful Greek foods she sent me very soon!Back to the ...


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Garbanzos con Chorizo

Chorizo, in Spanish, has two meanings; this is what our dictionary says: Chorizo: A short piece of tripe, usually stuffed with marinated and minced pork meat that it's cured with smoke. Chorizo/za: Thief, robber. I will talk about the first one. As you see in the ...


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Red Potatoes – Potatoes Rioja – Style

Special dressing: Genious of soul (turn player on).I hope you can find chorizo (red spiced sausage) wherever you live... because it would not be the same with other charcuturie "sausages". Chorizo is the soul of this dish. Here in Spain, nearly every region has its ...


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You are all invited to these Tapas and Wine!

Welcome to my place!!! Please take a seat and enjoy these Tapas I prepared for you. Imagine it's a beautiful sunny day, you are on a bar terrace in front of the beach and the table is set with these tapas and a glass of Spanish wine! Those of you ...

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