Traditional Spanish Recipes


Special dressing: Louis Armstrong (turn player on).

This wasn’t our Christmas First dish… but I could have eaten him kiss by kiss!

I hope you all had a Great Holiday Day! With your family, in good harmony, with a good glass of champagne or cava or good Spanish wine, of course! And a good Meal, as we did, it was enourmous! fantastic! delicious!

I’m so proud and happy to say that we had a wonderful Xmas time… like the song! Everything went fine: The food, the drinks, the aperitivo (maybe you call it starters), the desserts… we all had a great time. The thing that gave me more pleasure was… having my family together… my husband, my daughter, my parents, my brother, my sister, my brother and sister in law and my newphews. And all of them agreed saying it was a fantastic lunch! Wow, I felt so Great!!! Thank you all for coming over and thank you foodie bloggers for being my virtual foodie family! LOVE TO ALL!

The starters were: Iberian Acorn Ham, Toasted bread with Foie micuit, Lomo adobado, Seafood, Callos, Cured sheep cheese… and more

The Christmas Broth: That’s a typical Catalan Soup and it’s done with a typical pasta, and after we serve what we used while cooking the broth: Butifarra negra (black sausage), chickpeas, cabbage, potatoes, chicken, pork, veal, carrots, Meatballs (done with pork meat).
Changurro: This is a typical Basque dish and it’s made out of the meat inside the Big Seafood Crabs and a sofrito done with onion, leek, garlic and tomatoe… Never tasted anything sooooooooo good!!!!!
All recipes coming soon, I promise!


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12/28/2007 · 16:17 h by Peter M

Hola Mamacita Nuria and Feliz Navidad!

12/29/2007 · 13:23 h by Mallory Elise

oh my that little one is absolutely adorable! joyeux noel et bonne annee a vous aussi viertual foodie family member!


12/29/2007 · 20:35 h by Emiline

Glad you had a good Christmas with your family!
Everything sounds good, that you ate. Some of the things I’m curious about, because I’ve never heard of them.
I tried Manchego for the first time, this year. I like it. It’s more mild than I thought it would be. Although I really like strong cheeses.

12/29/2007 · 20:55 h by Blue State Cowgirl

Wow! Your recipes sound great. I’ll have to try some of them. Then I’ll have to go to the one Catalan restaurant we have in San Francisco and see if I got close.

12/30/2007 · 4:31 h by Bellini Valli

Have a safe and Happy New Year Nuria!!! I will look forward to many more wonderful dishes from your Spanish kitchen!!!

12/30/2007 · 15:44 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Thanks for dropping by! Happy New Year 2008 to you!!!

Hi Mallory! Yes he is sooooooo adorable and so friendly!! Happy New Year to you too! Enjoy Paris!!!

Hi Emiline! Yes everything we ate was fantastic! If Barcelona is on your way ever… there’s lots of cheeses I will be glad to introduce you to!
Happy New 2008 Emiline!

Hi Blue State Cowgirl! Glad to see you here!!! Please I’m curious about this Catalan San Francisco Rest…. let me know about it!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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