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Winter Soup


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In my opinion, some of the most joyful aromas you can smell during Winter time are: The burning wood’s smoke going through the village house’s chimmeneys. The scent of the pine trees while wandering through the Christmas street markets. The wonderful and comforting aroma of a winter boiling stock as you enter the ...


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Caldo Gallego with Gigantes. A Greek Legume for a Spanish Dish.

Gigantes is the name of these huge white Beans I got from my foodie friend Ivy from Kopiaste, straight from Athens! We made a package foodie exchange and will post about the rest of the wonderful Greek foods she sent me very soon!Back to the ...


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Carn d’Olla – Pilota – Christmas Meatball

I know I'm a bit late for this but I just wanted to let you know step by step how we do the Carn d'Olla - Pilota - Christmas Meatball. You can have a big one or just medium or small ones. The Christmas Meat Broth contains: A good piece of ...


Traditional Spanish Recipes


Special dressing: Louis Armstrong (turn player on). This wasn't our Christmas First dish... but I could have eaten him kiss by kiss! I hope you all had a Great Holiday Day! With your family, in good harmony, with a good glass of champagne or cava or ...


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A good warm Soup

Special dressing: The commitments. (turn player on)I don't know what's going on this fall... It's sooo cold here already! Usually, we have higher temperatures by this time of the year but it's like Christmas!!! I feel like being home and having a good soup to warm ...

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