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Today I want to show you this delicious Basque dessert which I recently discovered and eventhough it doesn't look that pretty, please trust me when I say that it is more than delicious!!!! If you like cinnamon and walnuts... this is your dessert, you will love it!... the flavours combine ...



Alkiza, Basque country. Spain

DAY 1.- Here in this Basque village is where our journey begins... In search for the perfect meal, as Anthony Bourdain might say, but not only that... we are looking for the perfect day... and that would include: best environment, best food, best company, best hotel/stay. This is the view from one ...


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Chipirones en su Tinta – Squid in its Ink

Alert! Alert! You don't wan't to miss this post! You have never had anything like this before! Come over here, take a look at the pictures and the recipe and tell me you don't want to cook this... I nearly cry when I tasted them!Chipirones are ...


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Bacalao al Pil Pil – Pil Pil Codfish

Special dressing today: Twist and Shout... you need to shake it, baby!!!Hey, I'm not posting about Catalan food today!!! This dish is typical from the Basque Country (Northern Spain) a beautiful place to live, with wonderful landscapes, fantastic people and the best food! Culinary traditions ...


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Special dressing: Chris Rea (turn player on)Just before Christmas days, I went to a book shop and searched for the gastronomy section. I found a little treasure among all those cooking books... it's called Cocina de Fiesta Holidays' Cooking, and it's one of those books that ...


Traditional Spanish Recipes


Special dressing: Louis Armstrong (turn player on). This wasn't our Christmas First dish... but I could have eaten him kiss by kiss! I hope you all had a Great Holiday Day! With your family, in good harmony, with a good glass of champagne or cava or ...


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Salty Codfish

Next post I'll be uploading a recipe about Codfish and I thought necessary to explain a few things about the way we buy and prepare Nordic Codfish so that you understand the dish better. Cod is fished in very cold waters. In Norway and Iceland's seas, for ...

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