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A good warm Soup

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I don’t know what’s going on this fall… It’s sooo cold here already! Usually, we have higher temperatures by this time of the year but it’s like Christmas!!! I feel like being home and having a good soup to warm me up. My mom taught me how to make this soup and it’s so easy and so tasty that when cold days start you will always find it in my fridge. I use a huge pot and it lasts all week. This soup stays gently boiling for 3 hours and when it gets colder is so thick that you could awake a dead person with just a spoon table of the broth. With the left overs I usually do croquettes and a veggies cream (these will be another day’s post).This meat broth can be used as the base for pasta soup, or could be a great thing to use when preparing a rabbit rice or pork noodles or simply a clear soup.

Ingredients for a long lasting meat broth (aprox. 6 days for 4 servings once a day):3 to 4 celery branches, 3 leeks, 4 to 5 carrots, 1 turnip, a small piece of cabbage. Meat- 1 pork hand, 1 pork ear, 2 salty dried pork bones, 1 cured ham bone, half a chicken, 3 chicken’s bodies (only bones).

Place all ingredients clean and fresh inside the pot. Pour cold water until there’s only 3 cmts. to the top. Turn heat on and when it starts making a white foam, take it away. When it boils, low down the heat to minimum and keep a gentle boil for 3 hours with the pot covered. The slower the better. All pork gelatines will show with this temperature.

When it gets colder strain the broth, reserve veggies for a cream (for example) and the meat for croquettes or any other application you want. Once the broth is cold you can place it in the fridge or frezze it.

This is how thick it can get once cold.


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11/17/2007 · 15:32 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

I love soup. We were just talking today about doing a different soup every week through the next few months! Yum!

11/17/2007 · 19:24 h by Núria

I love soup too! Can’t wait to see the way you do it!!!
Thanks for being here all the time!

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