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Rice & pasta | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Stuffed Galets in a Salad

These shell shaped pasta are called Galets here in Catalonia. They are the pasta we throw into our Christmas rich Stock. This year, the city of Barcelona has used them as an icon for the Holidays. They were giant and strategically set in different hot city spots! ...


Meat & poultry

Pato a la Naranja Especiado – Spiced Orange Duck – Ànec a la Taronja amb Espècies

... with spices and honey!!! Isn't it a Christmas dish? Hou, hou, hou... you better cook it after lunch or after dinner because the aroma that will fill your kitchen will drive you crazy otherwise! To be honest, I must cook about 3 or 4 ...



I have not been abducted by an alien ship!

Finally I can get my hands on my favourite keyboard!!!! And play my favourite blogging music!!!! These are some of the dishes you will soon see in Spanish Recipes: A melting and crunchy pigglet, an eggplant mousse, some pimiento del piquillo's pinchos, the christmas cocktail......

Crema Catalana


Cakes, pies & tarts | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Crema Catalana, Natillas and Polvorones: This is Xmas and Season’s Eatings!!!!

Have you heard about Season's Eatings?... this is the Event Katie organizes once a year (Xmas time) at her blog: Thyme for cooking. If you want to know about it, click here. My package contained a good ...



Avocado and Salmon Feast Pie & Our Xmas traditions

This is another Festive dish. A pie that can be prepared in advance, placed in the fridge and served the day you need it. These are the kind of meals I want to have in my table during the Christmas holidays :D...


Cakes, pies & tarts

Walnut and Banana Bundt Cake

What do you think? Awesome ugh? Yeah, I was so proud of myself when I finished this cake!!! But, even though it looks so appealing, as we say here las apariencias engañan - appearances are deceptive - I mean that the sight of the cake would make you think it ...


Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Carn d’Olla – Pilota – Christmas Meatball

I know I'm a bit late for this but I just wanted to let you know step by step how we do the Carn d'Olla - Pilota - Christmas Meatball. You can have a big one or just medium or small ones. The Christmas Meat Broth contains: A good piece of ...


Traditional Spanish Recipes


Special dressing: Louis Armstrong (turn player on). This wasn't our Christmas First dish... but I could have eaten him kiss by kiss! I hope you all had a Great Holiday Day! With your family, in good harmony, with a good glass of champagne or cava or ...


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Turrones, Polvorones, Mantecados… our Xmas candy tradition

These days I have been virtually travelling to your kitchens and seen all these beautiful candies and cookies you bake for Xmas days; all these moving stories, cooking with your moms when you were just kids and learning the recipes while it was snowing outside, ...


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Lobster & Veggies Salad

Special dressing: The Honeydrippers (turn player on)Doesn't this look like a Christmas salad? Yeeeeees, it does! It's a bit expensive, but if we don't do it for Xmas, when then?When I was a kid I never ever dreamed of having this kind of lobster salad, ...

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