Mac and Cheese

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Mac and Cheese…

… the way we cook them here. Or maybe, the most extended way to cook them here.

Yes, there is cheese but not as the main ingredient, I only use it to gratin the macaroni at the end of the process. Instead, there’s a lot of onion, pork sausage and tomato sauce :D. There’s many other ingredients you could add, such as Chorizo, or tuna (instead of pork meat) or change the tomato sauce for a pesto sauce… What’s in your pantry? Let’s twist and shout a new way to cook these Mac and Cheese! PASTA is your choice today!

Mac and Cheese

As you know, this last summer I went to Italy (La Toscana, Umbria and Liguria – 3 wonderful Regions) and I couldn’t find this kind of pasta in many of the Restaurant menus. First of all, in Italy these are called Penne lisce, while in Catalan they are called Macarrons, and in Spanish Macarrones. Now, I am guessing that the famous dish Mac and Cheese is called this way because it has Macaroni and Cheese (of course); but today I’m finding out that Macaroni are not the same as our Macarrones.

Mac and Cheese

Hahahaha, is this too confusing to you? It looks like a tongue-twister… What I said, Macaroni is another kind of pasta, so my dish should be called Penne and Cheese… wait, Penne e Formaggio because the Macaroni are shaped different, see the link. But, what happens if you write on google translator Macarrones con queso? The translation in Italian would be: Maccheroni e Formaggio and the one in English: Macaroni and Cheese.

Anyways, whatever the pasta you use, whatever the recipe… A Pasta dish is always welcome anywhere in the world!!!

Mac and Cheese


Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 big onion or 2 medium, 10 tablespoons of fried tomato sauce (use a high quality one), 1 garlic clove, 4 raw pork sausages (75 grs each aprox), 1 chicken bouillon cube, parmesan grated cheese (as much as you like), salt, olive oil and enough water to boil the penne. And enough Macaroni or Penne for 4 (see package instructions).

  • Pour enough olive oil in a sauce pan to cover the surface.
  • Peel the pork sausages and break into small pieces. Fry and reserve when golden.
  • Preheat your oven (gratin function)
  • Peel and chop the onion in small dices. Poach in the same oil (add more if needed) and when transparent add the garlic (in dices) and when fragrant add the tomato sauce. Let it all cook for a few minutes. Add the pork sausages back (you can also use minced pork meat). Add some salt if needed. Stir for one minute and reserve.
  • Heat enough water in a big pot and add the bouillon cube and some salt to fit your taste. Pour the Macaroni/ Penne/ Maccharoni and boil following the package instructions. Drain and mix with the sauce pan preparation. Pour inside a recipient (oven proved) and spread the cheese on top.
  • Gratin until it gets golden and serve immediately.
  • Enjoy!!!


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10/07/2013 · 14:48 h by Joan Nova

ha ha … you had my head spinning with what is macaroni and cheese? You’re right … a pasta dish is always welcome and your version looks delicious.

10/07/2013 · 16:52 h by bellini

This pasta would be more than welcome in my home Nuria.

10/08/2013 · 7:32 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Joan, thanks Val!!! There will be a good plato de macarrones waiting for you here ;D.

10/10/2013 · 20:10 h by Billie @ Seasoned Escapades

This looks excellent! I’ve never added tomato to my mac & cheese, but I think I’ll try it next time. Thanks!

10/10/2013 · 20:32 h by Katie

That’s my kind of Mac & Cheese! I bet your visit to Italy was wonderful – and delicious!

10/11/2013 · 7:52 h by Núria Farregut

Thank you Billie! Yes, you should try it :D. It’s really good.

Hahaha, Katie… as we say here, it seems that you have a hole in your stomach too ;D. One of this days I will post about Italy… What a country!!!!

04/11/2018 · 19:49 h by raquelle

what a wonderful dish. It was so delightful it made my stomach smile with happiness

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