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Mac and Cheese


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Mac and Cheese…

... the way we cook them here. Or maybe, the most extended way to cook them here. Yes, there is cheese but not as the main ingredient, I only use it to gratin the macaroni at the end of the process. Instead, there's a lot of onion, pork sausage and tomato ...


Charcuterie | Rice & pasta

Morcilla and Pumpkin Risotto

My monument to the Italian Risotto! What a delicious dish it is... that flavored creamy rice can make parents and kids delight. Those who follow this blog know about my rice weakness. I can't help it... when I see a rice dish in a restaurant menu; I have to taste ...


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches

PIZZA in capital letters and The Sopranos

I just discovered The Sopranos... and I keep on wondering how can a man like Tony Soprano turn me on? He is not my type at all, but the way he behaves: so tender sometimes, so tough and powerful others, so fragile and yet so strong. A man full ...

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